Let’s get Diabeetus

Considering we are all huge burger fans (most of our meets revolve around greasy food) it was no surprise we made the effort to convoy to Carls Junior that had recently been opened in Palmerston North.
If you don’t know what Carls Junior is – I suggest you click THIS LINK and check out the menu….
Or – watch this short video:
So here’s some pics from our epic adventures.
When we arrived, Carls Jr carpark was PACKED. so we took over a local heat pump suppliers car park. Thanks guys!
Usual suspect, Craig came out, and a new face, Max, also came in his Subaru Legacy. 
Some classic banter after a hearty feast
We stood here for about an hour watching Palmerston Norths ‘best cars’ roll past. They certainly do like their de-sprung rides
Finally got a photo of Charlies CL1 with his new Advan wheels fitted. Looks heavenly.
A few of us then decided to kill more time in Palmy, so went and cranked some mini golf. Here is Gemma getting super excited about it!
JD lining up the shot
taking the shots
End of the game, Reuben shot a lowest score of the day and has a photo with Skrillex to prove it. 
Now the drive back was really nice until we got to Paraparaumu and we encountered this…. a two hour wait due to some roadworks that had been destroyed…. not a great end to the day – but some good banter was had for the 3 hours we spent in the car. <3 my friends.
That’s all for now. 
Keep your eyes on the blog for more pics of JD’s AE70 Corolla (now for sale HERE) that James took while hanging out the window of the Accord. 
until next time.

Welly scene

Me and the boys recently showed up to a local car meet. Fair bit of yarning went down, as well as some complete bullshit stories. I took a few snaps of the couple of vehicles that caught my eye.
This FD2R has recently been out and about in the Wellington region. Was good to get up close and check it out, since I’d seen it sifting the streets. That’s the second elusive FD2R Civic in Wellington. 
Something for my biker friends – I have no idea what it is but it looks like it could be a Transformer. Very cool! 
 Gung rolled out in his Civic on Equips. Always good to see a familiar face.
Speaking of familiar faces, Jono was also out in his EG. Looks like it’s rolling on a new set of wheels too – very nice! 
I’m not sure who owns this car, but damn it’s LOW and had quite a presence as it rolled into the carpark. Static too. No bags in sight. A+ 
Apologies for the weird effects on the photos if you arent a fan… just got a new camera so i’m playing with all the cool effects it can provide. Until next time. PEACE.

The last Burgerfuel Meet ever 25 Jan 2012

This meet became the last of a series of semi successful burgerfuel meets. they’ve been fun, but due to the size of the meets we have to move on. Sadly this meet was also plagued with munters pulling ‘phat skidz’ out of carparks, and hittin dat VTEC on their way to the exit. Shot bros…. Despite the general, well known, etiquette of not being a douche upon entering and leaving a meet, people still decide it’d be a sweet idea to remind us what VTEC sounds like, and also show us how hard their skyline doesn’t go.
Aside from all this, my pictures of the event turned out pretty shit, because after getting kicked out of the Countdown carpark (due to too many cars, and some young fucks threatening to bottle the manager of Countdown if he called the cops) we went to the stadium, which has shitty lighting.
Moral of the story is – if you get asked to leave private property, you do it quietly, you don’t grab a crowbar and start yelling at the guy in charge of Countdown….
Bwarp meets are going on hold for a few months now, due to needing to control the amount of douchebaggery that has just started showing up. For 6 months we had such a good run, everyone was a good cunt, and was just down to have a yarn about cars and fap over bling and eat some sweet sweet burgers.
These meets will potentially become an invite only affair until we can find a way to control the dickheads that are showing up.
Thanks for the good run.
On a positive note – here are some photos (albeit, shit ones)
No need to name names in here, if you did something a bit silly, i’m sure you know who you are. Keep launches for the track, and motorway on-ramps (if you really feel the need) and keep them well away from these meets and the public.

Green Sticker Society Low Key Meet 09/01/2012

First day back in the office, and it’s the best weather we have had in weeks…. just my luck eh!

Lucky Yemo cheered me up by sending me a text telling me a few of the guys were meeting up later in the arvo. Choice!

Looks like Yemo might need to change his blog name to Glorious Subaru Society or something, judging by the amount of boxers that rolled up.

Here be some pics yo – I’m sure the GSS has a shite load more hiding away somewhere unposted!

Subaru Line


the people


Got mad love for this Accord. Sits so nice!

staunch Hiace on Advan SA3R's

fuck yeah – possibly the choicest ride there. Hiace van on Advan SA3R’s. Fuck yeah Van’s! Fuck yeah Tri-Spokes! They’re def making a comeback.

Dom's Ess Fifteen

slammed bimmer

This bagged BMW is for sale – as seen HERE – CLICK THIS TEXT.


Good start to the working week.