Bimmersport Auckland Meet

Friday night I was out until 2.30am having a drink or two with a workmate so when 6.30am rolled around and a team of asian builders decided to start work on the section beside my place….many swear words were sworn !!!

I was then resigned to the fact that 4 hours sleep was all I was getting that night.

Check my phone and there is a txt from my good friend Christian who recently purchased an e46 m3 BMW.

“still keen to do lunch today? either that or theres a bimmersport meet on at Cornwall park we could go to”

I had clean forgotten about lunch with him but either option sounded better than going ice skating with a girlfriend…..So Bimmersport meet it is !!

Now I’ll be blunt, I’m a hater of all cars european….I respect them for various aspects but who would ever want to work on one ?? yuk…. But any exuse for a bit of sausage we made our way to Cornwell park.

Was a bit quiet to begin with but more cars turned up and everyone was friendly and happy so was a sweet vibe.





a camry?


3 Series estate - nom!

(this e30 estate is my favourite nom nom nom, choice doggie too – Luke)

Sausages and banter were had and there was some bloody clean cars there, my particular favourite being the e30 coupe pictured below….. very clean, sweet fitment and ride height.

3 Series Coupe

The scrape marks on this 3 series rear wheel arch are caused by THE WHEEL touching the outside of the gaurd !!! Thats what happens when you fit 7 series wheels .

Scrapes 3 series


All in all a sweet day out with a good bunch of dudes, I was rather jaded so didnt have much to say but was good to meet those I did….your all a little bit too far into your beemers (in an eccentric mad scientist kinda way !! ) but a bunch of GC’s that love there cars so it’s all love from me.

For info on your beemer or to talk beemer smack…


– Greg Smith

Late Night Cruise

Bit of a late night cruise last night.

Took a few photos. Here they are:

This is Jono’s Subaru Legacy looking super sweet on a new suspension set up with some fresh Volk Racing wheels. Never seen Volks like these before so they are a pretty special addition to this car:

Here’s a quick snap of Yemo’s Prelude:

Here’s the trusty Suzuki.

Tidy S14A (Kouki) Silvia we met along the way – belongs to Bryce.

This is probably one of the better photos I got on the night. This is Mike’s 2004 BMW draped in gorgeous white. Super shiny – this guy knows how to keep a car clean.