Let’s get Diabeetus

Considering we are all huge burger fans (most of our meets revolve around greasy food) it was no surprise we made the effort to convoy to Carls Junior that had recently been opened in Palmerston North.
If you don’t know what Carls Junior is – I suggest you click THIS LINK and check out the menu….
Or – watch this short video:
So here’s some pics from our epic adventures.
When we arrived, Carls Jr carpark was PACKED. so we took over a local heat pump suppliers car park. Thanks guys!
Usual suspect, Craig came out, and a new face, Max, also came in his Subaru Legacy. 
Some classic banter after a hearty feast
We stood here for about an hour watching Palmerston Norths ‘best cars’ roll past. They certainly do like their de-sprung rides
Finally got a photo of Charlies CL1 with his new Advan wheels fitted. Looks heavenly.
A few of us then decided to kill more time in Palmy, so went and cranked some mini golf. Here is Gemma getting super excited about it!
JD lining up the shot
taking the shots
End of the game, Reuben shot a lowest score of the day and has a photo with Skrillex to prove it. 
Now the drive back was really nice until we got to Paraparaumu and we encountered this…. a two hour wait due to some roadworks that had been destroyed…. not a great end to the day – but some good banter was had for the 3 hours we spent in the car. <3 my friends.
That’s all for now. 
Keep your eyes on the blog for more pics of JD’s AE70 Corolla (now for sale HERE) that James took while hanging out the window of the Accord. 
until next time.

Oldschool.co.nz Meet Wellington January 2013

Wellington Chapter of Oldschool.co.nz brought in the new year with a Dennys meet in Porirua. The weather was atrocious, but the turn out was good. new faces, and plenty of regulars too.
Here’s some pictures I took after cruising into an underground carpark to get out of the rain!
The noise this Buick Sportwagon made as it creeped through the underground carpark was outstanding. Gives me butterflies.
Sigmas were in quite an abundance at this meet, they’re rapidly becoming quite a sought after collectable car. The above two sigmas are very tidy factory examples.
Cute is the first word that springs to mind every time I see Shaz’s little blue lancer. such a sweetie.
KK’s Citroen BX used smoke screen. It’s super effective.
Another sweet Mitsi. This time in the shape of a Lancer wagon. Not many of these kicking round. Super cool!
Gotta love an old Austin. I’ll own another one of these one day!
This van is kick ass. Hiace Supercustom on 17″ SSR Mesh wheels.
Joe’s not-so-old-school-but-still-very-cool FD RX7 makes all the right noises.
This Datsun 120Y Coupe on Hayashi’s was my favourite car. perrrrfect. More photos of this to come in a future blog update.
Wellingtons most famous matte black Datsun.
Ye olde two tone Skyline. awhh yehh!
dat line up
Maximum banters
Parting shot – this just shows how enormous that Buick Sportwagon is… They certainly don’t build them like this anymore!
If you want to get involved with the old school car community here in Wellington (or anywhere in NZ for that matter, log onto oldschool.co.nz and check out that happenings and come along to the next monthly meet.

Bwarp Loves Minitrucks!

Kia ora friends.
Minitrucks have always held a special wee place in my heart. Especially when they are from my own hood (Kapiti Coast yee rep rep G).
This is HEL200.

If you can’t tell from the pictures – it’s had some very serious work done. With 4 inches removed from the roof, a 2.5 inch body drop, 1 inch removed from the sills and shortened a total of 51″ in the tray. That’s right Fifty one inches….. that’s a lot of inches…. After all this work – it’s a struggle to recognise it as a dirty old mitsi L200….
It’s also had a lot of the usual minitruck changes done with Cadillac tail lights warning anyone behind that the anchors are on. Everything’s been shaved so it’s smoother than a baby’s backside. It also runs all the usual airbag set up with big valves and lines for mad slamming action.
Engine wise it’s running 4G63T from a VR4. Making about 203hp at 10psi on the dyno which pushes this truck along nicely. 
The workmanship on this truck needs to be seen to be believed, it’s on another level. 
Moral of the story? You should buy this truck and girls will love you. Lynx effect? pssshhh nar that’s bullshit. HEL200 effect? yeah that shit’s for real. 
If you are actually interested in purchasing this very one off piece of motoring – you can enquire by clicking HERE to view the tardme link.
*All credit for the photos goes to the photographer Duncan Rourke, who took the pics for Bagged Magazine in Australia.

Classic Mitsubishi Goodness.

So, El invited her friend, Sara, over for dinner this evening. Look at what she turned up in.

A genuine Mitsubishi Sigma GSR-X

It’s fully original and completely unmodified, molested for fettered with.

What a beautiful machine and a real credit to its owner.