Welly scene

Me and the boys recently showed up to a local car meet. Fair bit of yarning went down, as well as some complete bullshit stories. I took a few snaps of the couple of vehicles that caught my eye.
This FD2R has recently been out and about in the Wellington region. Was good to get up close and check it out, since I’d seen it sifting the streets. That’s the second elusive FD2R Civic in Wellington. 
Something for my biker friends – I have no idea what it is but it looks like it could be a Transformer. Very cool! 
 Gung rolled out in his Civic on Equips. Always good to see a familiar face.
Speaking of familiar faces, Jono was also out in his EG. Looks like it’s rolling on a new set of wheels too – very nice! 
I’m not sure who owns this car, but damn it’s LOW and had quite a presence as it rolled into the carpark. Static too. No bags in sight. A+ 
Apologies for the weird effects on the photos if you arent a fan… just got a new camera so i’m playing with all the cool effects it can provide. Until next time. PEACE.

Easter time Aka’s Cruise

Low key Aka’s cruise (can’t really have huge convoys running over that bit of road….).
Iain, Craig, JD and I making good use of the last part of a massive easter weekend…. i think Summer has finally arrived… and looking at the state of the sky as I write this, seems to have left already.
Ratshit. Not much to say re: this but Akatarawa road is sketchy, particularly when the narrowest bits of road come and you have to squeeze past Falcons and El Grands and need to drop into the ditch to get past…. 4×4 spec ride height for the win.
Quick sequence of pics that JD snapped from the passenger seat of the Roadster.

Random Snap – Blue EG on Hutt Motorway


Kane and I went to visit Craig so he could spend his time cleaning Kanes ute (shot bro!). By 3.30pm the sun was beating down hard, and looked amazing on the refreshed paintwork of the Ute. We hopped back in the truck to head back to town, and the Civic below followed us along the Motorway. I signalled at him with the camera and directed a mini photoshoot using only hand gestures. We bloody fun hanging out the window of the ute snapping shots off as the Civic darted around us.

Here’s a couple of shots.


If anyone knows the owner of the car/if the owner is reading this – hit me up for a hi-res copy if you want it. Cheers for the photo-op, GC!


Jono’s Honda EG Civic

Jono brang his immaculate EG Civic to the last Bwarp Burger Fuel Meet, and jaws hit the floor as it rolled in.

I needed to see MORE!

I arranged with Jono to have a secret sneaky photoshoot on a calm Thursday night.

Perfect blue paint work. Carbon goodies errrrwhere. Stripped rear interior. Tow hooks. Buddyclub wheels. B18CR. om nom nom. The JDM goodness list goes on.

I could keep spouting but I know ya’ll just wanna see the damn photos.






And a few more snaps courtesy of Yemo Guo!





Watch this space. Jono tells us there is big plans to come!


KFC Double Down Fail Meat

So the KFC DoubleDown burger, that I’m sure you have heard about, came out on Tuesday, we wanted to get a bit of a evening snack, so organised a wee meet around it.
So everyone turned up at Johnsonville KFC, and it was noted that they had no bacon left, so…. no DoubleDowns. So we went for a cruise out to Kilbirnie to check if their KFC had doubledowns. Still not luck. as it turns out, every KFC in the greater Wellington region has sold out of the fucking things.

So we parked up in Woolworth carpark in Kilbirnie, took a few (blurry ugh) photos and had a yarn/laugh.

Here’s the pics:

Group shot

Jono’s Legacy.

Aaron’s WRX. Picked it up today, and had a new headunit installed within a couple of hours. Pity he didn’t pick up that it was missing a wheel nut…

I’ve been meaning to do a few photos of Sean’s EG6 Civic that he has recently acquired. Looks dope on my old rims now that the logos have been painted white.

My favourite photo of the evening

Thanks to everyone who showed up. I’m disappointed at the lack of meat at this meet.