4nRotary Jamboree 2012

4nRotary Jamboree weekend has come and gone for another year. Plenty of sweet cars, free V, and questionably dressed young women filled the glorious place that is – Manfeild. (yes this is the correct way to spell it, despite many media folk failing to recognise that).
Enough sharning. Here are some photos from inside the hall the rest are viewable on flickr or facebook:
First up is this 180sx – built purely to be a drift weapon. The front cut unclips in one will piece. Front bumper, guards, and bonnet all fold forward on a part tube frame front end. The little flicked out steel flares on the guards. The raw roof spoiler. Zebra painted side skirts. It’s so differently dirty and sexy.
Next up – this early RX7. Anything with OG fender mirrors gives me wood, however, I will admit I was slightly upset it was rocking modgies.
I get so excited when i see this Citroen around town. It’s so delicious.
The guys and girls at Oldschool.co.nz came and rep’d hard.
This notchback Trueno was enough to give most JDM fanboys serious wood.
This late model Nissan Navara was pretty different to the sort of minitrucks we usually see. Never seen one this low!
I’m pretty sure this Soarer had been painted the night before the show – I was sure I could smell the fresh paint on it…
The FD2R Civic below is probably the only one I’ll ever see in real life…. and it was immaculately presented
Pretty special interior in it too
Woot – it’s Kerri and PERFK the Pink FC on the Dyno – CHUR!
Most Wellington folk will probably recognise Nimesh’s superb S13 Silvia and with his wheels being freshly repainted it certainly looked baoss.
I’ve also got mad love for this car. It’s nice seeing an early model Evo that isn’t de-sprung on a set of hideous Titans or Vaults – with or without centres G.
Now for this car you will have to excuse the bad photos. the rope barrier thing was in the way and I had nobody around to hold it out of the way for me!!
This is an S15 Silvia, with an R34 Skyline front end, an RB under the hood, with a set of Shelby wheels on it. (atleast I think they were Shelby wheels – they had a wee snake on them…)
This is most likely my favourite car of the whole day, particularly just due to wheel choice. Why run a set of Works, or Volks, or BBS when every man and his dog also has a set or a set of look-a-likes… I truely think wheel choice alone set this car apart from the rest. Also the fact that it was a Skyline front end on a Silvia, rather than 180SX front on one. A nice touch, I thought.
A suspicious looking member of the terrorist organisation – R’s Garage was spotted on the prowl. He was stopped for questioning, but little that came out of his mouth was understood. Hungover perhaps?

Here’s a bunch of other photos:
That’s all for now!

NZPC Hardpark Wellington 2012 Coverage

Hardpark time again. wooo.

Huuuuge turnout this year. Big up to Pedey and Co at NZPC for setting this up. Also big up to them for mucking in after everyone starting leaving and picking up all the rubbish that munters left behind.

Event sorta ended on a sad note with a bunch of tards skidding up and speeding round the carpark while kids and drunk hutt sluts stumbled all over the show…

A couple of standout ‘winners’ were:
– the munter who tried to do a skid in his RS Legacy wagon with his very young kid in the back.
– the munter in the black V8 Commodore doing laps and acting like a complete tosser
– Guy in black forester getting side ways and nearly taking out a car we were beside.
– Black skyline guy (same one that came and showed off at a burgerfuel meet) for doing a weak peeler inside the car park. None of the organisers of the event that i spoke to were impressed with your shit at all.
– anyone who popped a skid on the way out gets a dickhead runner up award

Really really really embarrassing for the Wellington car community. What starts out as an awesome event finished in what seems to be, usual Wellington fuckwit styz.

Cheers to all the dickheads for putting on such a show that an event like this, on that sorta scale, will never happen again locally. Auckland could do it just fine. Why couldn’t we?

Anyway, aside from the last 45 minutes of bullshit, there were some good times had during the arvo. Here’s a few pics of standout cars. The rest are all viewable on the Flickr page (no point adding 60 photos to this blog post.)


Rupert’s R32 4 door. Well set up car that actually gets used properly. Anything on semi slicks gives me a semi.


Possibly one of the nicest S-chassis there.


this RX7 wore a few delicious RE Amemiya items. nomnom


This RX3 was next level. Supercharged and shit. WTF?!


2JZ no shit


lurve lurve lurve this Suzuki.


dirf trikes were very popular


I’n not a huge fan of white interiors, but the rest of this car was built to perfection!


couple of original old school gems.


Chur. That’s all for now.

Check out the rest of the photo set on flickr: HERE

Once again, shouts to the organisers. Sorry about the Wellington fucks that let the community down once again. That sorta shit needs to be removed from the gene pool.


Burgerfuel Meet 28 Sept 2011 VIDEO

Was an awesome meet with over 30 cars showing up along with plenty of Good characters in those cars!

We must pile through a serious amount of burgers once a month.

Here’s a teaser video. Just trying it out for the lulz and to learn a few things. It looks like it was filmed by someone with Parkinsons. McFly?

Pics will be up sooooooon.

Bwarp Burgerfuel Meet 28 Sept 2011 from Bwarp Blog on Vimeo.

Burger Fuel Bwarp Meet 27/07/2011

After the first Burgerfuel meet, people were keen for more. So who would I be to not organise another?

So the day rolled around, the weather looking a bit sketchy in the afternoon, and a few drops of rain before evening. Then the sun went down, the cloud cleared, the stars were out and it was FROSTY!

My nipples could cut glass, they were that sharp.

I took a few pics of the cars that showed up. It was another outstanding social meet, and as Duncan put it “proving the Wellington scene is alive and kicking!”.

Most were well behaved, only let down by some clown in a black (dark purple??) Integra who left really early and assumed we had never heard a VTEC car before, so valve bounced first gear as they ran a red light… *epic facepalm*

anyway, let’s not focus on the negative – here’s the pictures!





I don’t think I spoke to the owner of this S14a, but by god it is SO TIDY. Thanks for bringing it out for us all to drool over.











Julian from Obsessive Vehicle Security brought out his Honda Beat. It’s the first one I’ve seen up close in the flesh. So compact, but looks like it’d handle incredibly. I think I’d be a bit tall for it though 🙁








My lil bro, Adam, bought out his OG spec Mitsi Mirage. It’s JUST clicked over 70,000kms, it’s got a digital speedo (like a Time-travelling Delorean) and best of all – it’s on legit black plates. He’s had the hard word from me to keep it immaculate or I shall confiscate such a gem!


On the theme of old school cars, Corey rode out in his Grandads AK Shuttle. This is also in immaculate condition and has just clicked over 100,000kms. You may not be able to telll from the lighting in the photo, but from the factory it came out in a very light pink. So light it looks white here. The pictures don’t do it justice.


Bryce also came out in his S14a FR1SKI. He tells us he had to take it from the panel beater before the guy had even finished the work, because he was getting withdrawal symptoms from not driving it. I’d feel the same with a ride like this. It NEEDS to be driven!


The in-frequent tech writer on this blog, Geoff, drove his Shuttle out, complete with a few new additions such as bullbar and spot lights and some fat 5’s painted white. Looks HellaFunctional.



Goom’s new ride. Complete with hubcaps and 4×4 ride height. Goez hard fo what it iz tho bae. <3 IMG_5128resized





Stagea Drifting

Yes that’s right. This is a bunch of Nissan Stagea’s drifting.

If you don’t know what a Nissan Stagea is – the way to sum it up is, a boat with Nissan Skyline running gear…

Atleast…. I thought they were a bit boaty. until I saw these videos.

The first video is an automatic Stagea with a foot activated emergency (hand) brake…..