Spotted: Kristy and her White WRX

Holla sup.
Went out for a wee drive with a few friends (and some speedracer in a DA Integra who sped past us, as we were leading the convoy, and nearly missed the turn off LOLLOLOL) on Tuesday night.
I snapped these pics of Kristy’s WRX as we were on the motorway. I love hanging out the window of a moving car to shoot another car. Good times 😉
White WRX
White WRX
Sure it’s got a few shopping trolley dents here and there and it’s certainly not as clean as Charlies CL1, but  
I lurve cars with battle scars.

Subaru Fans – This is for you

Now usually I’m not a huge fan of the ole’ Subi. Something about most locally modified ones with nothing but rice cannon exhausts, chrome taillights and bucket tacho’s with shiftlights is just a huge turn off and puts me off the rest. The few ruin it for the many in my eyes. (Apart from your Subi, Jono – that wagon is BOSS)

However – I have found a video on youtube that is what a Subaru SHOULD SOUND LIKE. None of this Chrome 5″ Supercheapauto spek big bore tip through to standard 2″ exhaust (ICK).