Oldschool.co.nz Meet Wellington January 2013

Wellington Chapter of Oldschool.co.nz brought in the new year with a Dennys meet in Porirua. The weather was atrocious, but the turn out was good. new faces, and plenty of regulars too.
Here’s some pictures I took after cruising into an underground carpark to get out of the rain!
The noise this Buick Sportwagon made as it creeped through the underground carpark was outstanding. Gives me butterflies.
Sigmas were in quite an abundance at this meet, they’re rapidly becoming quite a sought after collectable car. The above two sigmas are very tidy factory examples.
Cute is the first word that springs to mind every time I see Shaz’s little blue lancer. such a sweetie.
KK’s Citroen BX used smoke screen. It’s super effective.
Another sweet Mitsi. This time in the shape of a Lancer wagon. Not many of these kicking round. Super cool!
Gotta love an old Austin. I’ll own another one of these one day!
This van is kick ass. Hiace Supercustom on 17″ SSR Mesh wheels.
Joe’s not-so-old-school-but-still-very-cool FD RX7 makes all the right noises.
This Datsun 120Y Coupe on Hayashi’s was my favourite car. perrrrfect. More photos of this to come in a future blog update.
Wellingtons most famous matte black Datsun.
Ye olde two tone Skyline. awhh yehh!
dat line up
Maximum banters
Parting shot – this just shows how enormous that Buick Sportwagon is… They certainly don’t build them like this anymore!
If you want to get involved with the old school car community here in Wellington (or anywhere in NZ for that matter, log onto oldschool.co.nz and check out that happenings and come along to the next monthly meet.

Random Snap: Sean’s Honda City Turbo

I’ve always had a thing for small cars. Honda City Turbos are probably one of the cars that sparked my interest in tiny shit cars.

Sean has just picked up this example. With fairly low KM’s it had recently been sold as estate as the previous owners had died after owning it for like 8593894 years and never hitting boost… The wastegate actuator was stuck… :-/ derp derp.

Here’s a quick snap i took after it under went a Craig Hume special wash and wax. As usual, the results are superb.

Honda City Turbo

There’s bound to be more pictures of this rice rocket popping up on the blog and the facebook page.


Time out

Been taking a bit of time out recently to play with my own car.
Thought I’d maybe post up a bit of a progress photo taken today to show how far it’s come since day one.
It started its life in my possession as a worn out 235,000km old Eunos Roadster.
Looked a bit like this:
and it starts
It has since had some Cusco adjustable suspension installed. some Racetech seats. its been through a few different sets of wheels, and it’s come down to this:
Eunos Roadster
Eunos Roadster
It’s sitting on some Tri-spoke Advan SA3R’s that my good friend Dan hooked me up with. They seem a nice period correct 90’s wheel, and will be the road wheels for the car.
Now i’m just waiting to get a rollbar/cage welded in and we’ll be able to get it on the track finally.
If you are experienced in building roll bars/half cages in MX5’s/Roadsters then gimme a bell, i’m interested in discussing options.

Random Snap – Blue EG on Hutt Motorway


Kane and I went to visit Craig so he could spend his time cleaning Kanes ute (shot bro!). By 3.30pm the sun was beating down hard, and looked amazing on the refreshed paintwork of the Ute. We hopped back in the truck to head back to town, and the Civic below followed us along the Motorway. I signalled at him with the camera and directed a mini photoshoot using only hand gestures. We bloody fun hanging out the window of the ute snapping shots off as the Civic darted around us.

Here’s a couple of shots.


If anyone knows the owner of the car/if the owner is reading this – hit me up for a hi-res copy if you want it. Cheers for the photo-op, GC!


Jono’s Honda EG Civic

Jono brang his immaculate EG Civic to the last Bwarp Burger Fuel Meet, and jaws hit the floor as it rolled in.

I needed to see MORE!

I arranged with Jono to have a secret sneaky photoshoot on a calm Thursday night.

Perfect blue paint work. Carbon goodies errrrwhere. Stripped rear interior. Tow hooks. Buddyclub wheels. B18CR. om nom nom. The JDM goodness list goes on.

I could keep spouting but I know ya’ll just wanna see the damn photos.






And a few more snaps courtesy of Yemo Guo!





Watch this space. Jono tells us there is big plans to come!