Grasspark 2012 coverage – thanks to my lil sister.

I was enjoying playing in the grass, riding sweet bikes and dodging horny dogs to take any decent photos. But it’s damned lucky my lil sis stole the camera and got a couple of snap shots of some rides that showed up.
I’ve got a few more pics somewhere that’ll come up later (rather late than never)
Here we go!
Read it however you like
OG 300ZX.
few red hondas
parting shot – SQUIRTLE the Suzuki Wagon R
Thanks for the pics, Soph!

Spamcrew/NZHondas Driving Range Ball Whack off

Ball whack off went ahead as planned on the 14th of May.

Shit was tight. Had a good turn out. Niggahs in suits. Couldn’t have asked for more.

The lady at the counter of the driving range was in a terrible shit mood and had a bad attitude.

I didn’t really take many pics as I was too busy smacking balls and ducking for cover as Pete and Josh were whacking off.

As follows:

Joff’s mean idea for a number plate. Big ups champ. WORKS MINT
Gawd this car makes me so hard.

The Ignis has now been sold. So look out for my next gutless weird-as-fuck-mobile.

Til next time kids.


KFC Double Down Fail Meat

So the KFC DoubleDown burger, that I’m sure you have heard about, came out on Tuesday, we wanted to get a bit of a evening snack, so organised a wee meet around it.
So everyone turned up at Johnsonville KFC, and it was noted that they had no bacon left, so…. no DoubleDowns. So we went for a cruise out to Kilbirnie to check if their KFC had doubledowns. Still not luck. as it turns out, every KFC in the greater Wellington region has sold out of the fucking things.

So we parked up in Woolworth carpark in Kilbirnie, took a few (blurry ugh) photos and had a yarn/laugh.

Here’s the pics:

Group shot

Jono’s Legacy.

Aaron’s WRX. Picked it up today, and had a new headunit installed within a couple of hours. Pity he didn’t pick up that it was missing a wheel nut…

I’ve been meaning to do a few photos of Sean’s EG6 Civic that he has recently acquired. Looks dope on my old rims now that the logos have been painted white.

My favourite photo of the evening

Thanks to everyone who showed up. I’m disappointed at the lack of meat at this meet.



Late Night Cruise

Bit of a late night cruise last night.

Took a few photos. Here they are:

This is Jono’s Subaru Legacy looking super sweet on a new suspension set up with some fresh Volk Racing wheels. Never seen Volks like these before so they are a pretty special addition to this car:

Here’s a quick snap of Yemo’s Prelude:

Here’s the trusty Suzuki.

Tidy S14A (Kouki) Silvia we met along the way – belongs to Bryce.

This is probably one of the better photos I got on the night. This is Mike’s 2004 BMW draped in gorgeous white. Super shiny – this guy knows how to keep a car clean.

Wellington Anniversary Mini-Cruise and Photoshoot.

So, for so much planning, a grand total of 3 cars showed up. Luckily there was more than one person in each car and luckily the people that came were true good cunts. It’s apparent that some people don’t like driving their cars in the rain…..

The morning was looking bleak. The clouds hadn’t cleared over night as I had prayed for, and it was still pissing down with rain when I got out of bed.

Packed up our shit to meet the most dedicated car enthusiasts ever. Josh and Alex. And their loyal Crew, Neill and Courtney.

First meeting spot was Westpac Stadium – Level 2 car park.

What an awesome place for a photoshoot – Check these out.

So after waiting for a couple of no-shows we made our way to Waikanae to hopefully pick up some more people.

We arrived at Waikanae Skate Park.

Nobody was there…

Just as I was getting angry a familiar sound came within ear shot. it was…. THE VAN.

Kane and Stac were here.

The sky was beginning to clear – we weren’t being rained on anymore. This is a good sign.

Snapped off a few pics as follows:

We waited round for some more people who didn’t come and then left on our merry way up SH1.

Headed towards the 66 on 1 Diner at 1 Norbiton Road Foxton. We didn’t know if it was going to be open or not, but we went for a drive anyway.

We arrived. It was open. Food was cheap and tasty, but nothing really to write home about.

Snapped some more pics in the car park…. the weather was playing nice too.

Left here did a bit of tiki touring round Foxton. Saw the windmill…. shWOW…..

Went to Bulls and had a beer in a bar called ‘The Rat Hole’. If you ever stop off in Bulls, I suggest you have a drink there. Great place with extra friendly people. We got off lucky and made it out alive.

Sun was coming out. It was HOT outside.

Made our way back south. Stopped at a gas station for the obligatory piss.

Left here and had a rapid drive back to Waikanae. Sat in the sun at Kanes, had a cold one and buggered off back to Wellington.