Bwarp Burgerfuel meets are BACK for 2012


Ahright, so we are in full swing of summer (or atleast we should be, the pissing down rain over the holiday period didn’t have me too convinced) and it’s time to get back into it and catch up with everyone and see what’s gone down over the holiday period!
Date: Wednesday 25th January 2012
Time: 7pm onward
Place: Burgerfuel Johnsonville, park up with the rest of us at the Burgerfuel end of the Woolworths/Countdown carpark
Usual rules apply, we will be in the public eye, so don’t be a douchebag. No need for skids or VTEC/boosting through the carpark as the supermarket is still in full use at this time.
Keen to catch up with ya’ll and check out some cars and see what everyone has been up to!

White pride

Burger Fuel Meet – Next up: Wednesday 28/09/2011


Next Burgerfuel meet is going down on Wednesday 28/09/2011.

Meet at 7pm at Johnsonville Woolworths car park (At the Burgerfuel end)
Eat at about 7.30pm

Daylight savings will have kicked in by then too, yo – so should be warmer and lighter. WIN!

Usual rules apply. No skids, drunk pricks, or boneheads. And please don’t VTEC/hit boost when entering the car park, you look like a nub.

I have also acquired a few JDM goodies to give away on the night. So be there with a clean ride, a good attitude and your game face on.

Pics and yarning afterwards.

See you there.