Haters incoming. VL32

With a mass of Skylines on the street, to stand out you need to go wild.


Daniel the owner certainly went wild. I’ve seen pics on the net of various front end conversions on Skylines before, but this is an odd one.


When I first saw the car I couldn’t tell what the hell it was at the front. Whatever it was, it looked different. Which is always a good thing.


While the car was being built he nicked parts off his Dad’s VL commodore.


He did all the panel and paint work himself. Which makes it twice as awesome.


BBS wheels set it off.


While the car was parked all day. I’ve heard Daniel likes to give it death.


Cheers for the pics and the chat Daniel. Love your work.


Datsun 1200 Ute @ Oldschool.co.nz meet 17 October 2013

Went out to the Oldschool.co.nz meet on Thursday night out Eastbourne. I arrived a bit late and it got dark before i could rattle off heaps of shots, but these are the best two of the night that i had to put up. This ute is next level. SR20 powered. cool old jap wheels and SOOOOOOOOO LOWWWWWWWWWW.

Pictures speak far better words than i do though.

For your friday night enjoyment:




Sure is 3S up in here

For an organised NZHondas meet, this really had a high Toyota content to it. WIth four 3S powered T-machines turning up… the two Hondas were outnumbered. Consider there was also a pair of Nissans, and……. a Jag.

nuff bullshit, here’s a couple of pics at the meet point. After all this we headed out to Southwards car museum. Was siiiick as usual, hadn’t been there in years.


Oldschool.co.nz Meet Wellington January 2013

Wellington Chapter of Oldschool.co.nz brought in the new year with a Dennys meet in Porirua. The weather was atrocious, but the turn out was good. new faces, and plenty of regulars too.
Here’s some pictures I took after cruising into an underground carpark to get out of the rain!
The noise this Buick Sportwagon made as it creeped through the underground carpark was outstanding. Gives me butterflies.
Sigmas were in quite an abundance at this meet, they’re rapidly becoming quite a sought after collectable car. The above two sigmas are very tidy factory examples.
Cute is the first word that springs to mind every time I see Shaz’s little blue lancer. such a sweetie.
KK’s Citroen BX used smoke screen. It’s super effective.
Another sweet Mitsi. This time in the shape of a Lancer wagon. Not many of these kicking round. Super cool!
Gotta love an old Austin. I’ll own another one of these one day!
This van is kick ass. Hiace Supercustom on 17″ SSR Mesh wheels.
Joe’s not-so-old-school-but-still-very-cool FD RX7 makes all the right noises.
This Datsun 120Y Coupe on Hayashi’s was my favourite car. perrrrfect. More photos of this to come in a future blog update.
Wellingtons most famous matte black Datsun.
Ye olde two tone Skyline. awhh yehh!
dat line up
Maximum banters
Parting shot – this just shows how enormous that Buick Sportwagon is… They certainly don’t build them like this anymore!
If you want to get involved with the old school car community here in Wellington (or anywhere in NZ for that matter, log onto oldschool.co.nz and check out that happenings and come along to the next monthly meet.

Road and Track Day 23 December 2012 – Part one!

An awesome day spent today at Manfeild for the Road and Track series. Some epic racing, awesome weather (33 deg celcius…. sup), and an awesome line up of cars.
Here’s some pics of the day.
A very nice blue RX7. Something tells me it wasn’t rotary powered…
This sleeper VZR has a massive turbo and spend most of the day frying front tyres. AWESOME
The excellent 2ZZ powered Corolla was on form all day
Interesting to see a show painted, widebodied, clear tailighted show style civic hitting the track. Laying out some good times too.
Matt ‘dreamboat’ Schwass gave his WRX the sort of treatment it was built for. Also laying out some very impressive times. The kid’s got big balls!
Matt hunting down Craig after the hairpin.
This mental wee turbo Starlet was eating much larger cars all day.
This death trap on wheels made all the right noises and ticked all the right boxes for me. Loved it.
This H22A powered Starlet is one you may remember from the High Octane DVD’s (atleast i assume it’s the same one) and it still hauls serious arse.
GTI vs GTiR.
Aptly named ‘DATO’. Excellent car, and so well presented. Sounded excellent too.
Speaking of cars that sound excellent, this Skyline sounded like it was going to rip a hole in the atmosphere and escape from the planet. You are some kind of next level human if you have the gonads to jump in this car and push the loud pedal all the way down. jeeeesus
Very rapid S13. Nice to see one built for track use rather than drift. A bit different these days.
GT4 vs GT4. ST205 vs ST185. Both are immactulately presented. The red ST185 ended its day a bit early with an unknown issue that meant it wasn’t getting fuel… uh oh.
Here’s a pic of Viv changing tyres on his track hack E30 BMW
He then treated those tyres to some one wheeler peelers round flag point 3. What a show off!
This excellent Dato waiting patiently in the pits
The favourite pink sparkly race car.
Very cool Commodore.
This RX7 must be making some huuuuge numbers because it was getting seriously loose out of the hairpin. Was peeling up some pretty serious race slicks with ease.
Classic CRX race car. I know a few boys who would’ve loved this beast.
Classic EF civic. Always a track day favourite.
Matte Black RS Legacy looking very serious
This thing loved to lift the rear inside wheel. The driver was pushing it to the edge all day. Excellent stuff
This AE86 is amazing.
Parting shot – a pair of MX5’s battling it out. awesome stuff.
This is the end of part one.
The next part will be up shortly.