Random Snap – Blue EG on Hutt Motorway


Kane and I went to visit Craig so he could spend his time cleaning Kanes ute (shot bro!). By 3.30pm the sun was beating down hard, and looked amazing on the refreshed paintwork of the Ute. We hopped back in the truck to head back to town, and the Civic below followed us along the Motorway. I signalled at him with the camera and directed a mini photoshoot using only hand gestures. We bloody fun hanging out the window of the ute snapping shots off as the Civic darted around us.

Here’s a couple of shots.


If anyone knows the owner of the car/if the owner is reading this – hit me up for a hi-res copy if you want it. Cheers for the photo-op, GC!


Some EF love

Ohai, Geoff here. (Yes my other article is coming along very soon… I’ve been busy) I was reading through a Honda Civic Wagon (HCW) build at work (as ya do) when I came across a very nice flickr account that got my bits moving. Usually when you come across a flickr account, it’s just some guy with a DLSR taking photos of his mates cars that are alright but nothing special really (*cough*), but once in a while there’s one that catches your eye.

Here’s just a sample of a few pics that I really enjoyed but the link to the rest of the photos are here

Jono’s Honda EG Civic

Jono brang his immaculate EG Civic to the last Bwarp Burger Fuel Meet, and jaws hit the floor as it rolled in.

I needed to see MORE!

I arranged with Jono to have a secret sneaky photoshoot on a calm Thursday night.

Perfect blue paint work. Carbon goodies errrrwhere. Stripped rear interior. Tow hooks. Buddyclub wheels. B18CR. om nom nom. The JDM goodness list goes on.

I could keep spouting but I know ya’ll just wanna see the damn photos.






And a few more snaps courtesy of Yemo Guo!





Watch this space. Jono tells us there is big plans to come!


Burger Fuel Bwarp Meet 27/07/2011

After the first Burgerfuel meet, people were keen for more. So who would I be to not organise another?

So the day rolled around, the weather looking a bit sketchy in the afternoon, and a few drops of rain before evening. Then the sun went down, the cloud cleared, the stars were out and it was FROSTY!

My nipples could cut glass, they were that sharp.

I took a few pics of the cars that showed up. It was another outstanding social meet, and as Duncan put it “proving the Wellington scene is alive and kicking!”.

Most were well behaved, only let down by some clown in a black (dark purple??) Integra who left really early and assumed we had never heard a VTEC car before, so valve bounced first gear as they ran a red light… *epic facepalm*

anyway, let’s not focus on the negative – here’s the pictures!





I don’t think I spoke to the owner of this S14a, but by god it is SO TIDY. Thanks for bringing it out for us all to drool over.











Julian from Obsessive Vehicle Security brought out his Honda Beat. It’s the first one I’ve seen up close in the flesh. So compact, but looks like it’d handle incredibly. I think I’d be a bit tall for it though 🙁








My lil bro, Adam, bought out his OG spec Mitsi Mirage. It’s JUST clicked over 70,000kms, it’s got a digital speedo (like a Time-travelling Delorean) and best of all – it’s on legit black plates. He’s had the hard word from me to keep it immaculate or I shall confiscate such a gem!


On the theme of old school cars, Corey rode out in his Grandads AK Shuttle. This is also in immaculate condition and has just clicked over 100,000kms. You may not be able to telll from the lighting in the photo, but from the factory it came out in a very light pink. So light it looks white here. The pictures don’t do it justice.


Bryce also came out in his S14a FR1SKI. He tells us he had to take it from the panel beater before the guy had even finished the work, because he was getting withdrawal symptoms from not driving it. I’d feel the same with a ride like this. It NEEDS to be driven!


The in-frequent tech writer on this blog, Geoff, drove his Shuttle out, complete with a few new additions such as bullbar and spot lights and some fat 5’s painted white. Looks HellaFunctional.



Goom’s new ride. Complete with hubcaps and 4×4 ride height. Goez hard fo what it iz tho bae. <3 IMG_5128resized





Spamcrew/NZHondas Driving Range Ball Whack off

Ball whack off went ahead as planned on the 14th of May.

Shit was tight. Had a good turn out. Niggahs in suits. Couldn’t have asked for more.

The lady at the counter of the driving range was in a terrible shit mood and had a bad attitude.

I didn’t really take many pics as I was too busy smacking balls and ducking for cover as Pete and Josh were whacking off.

As follows:

Joff’s mean idea for a number plate. Big ups champ. WORKS MINT
Gawd this car makes me so hard.

The Ignis has now been sold. So look out for my next gutless weird-as-fuck-mobile.

Til next time kids.