Subaru Fans – This is for you

Now usually I’m not a huge fan of the ole’ Subi. Something about most locally modified ones with nothing but rice cannon exhausts, chrome taillights and bucket tacho’s with shiftlights is just a huge turn off and puts me off the rest. The few ruin it for the many in my eyes. (Apart from your Subi, Jono – that wagon is BOSS)

However – I have found a video on youtube that is what a Subaru SHOULD SOUND LIKE. None of this Chrome 5″ Supercheapauto spek big bore tip through to standard 2″ exhaust (ICK).


KFC Double Down Fail Meat

So the KFC DoubleDown burger, that I’m sure you have heard about, came out on Tuesday, we wanted to get a bit of a evening snack, so organised a wee meet around it.
So everyone turned up at Johnsonville KFC, and it was noted that they had no bacon left, so…. no DoubleDowns. So we went for a cruise out to Kilbirnie to check if their KFC had doubledowns. Still not luck. as it turns out, every KFC in the greater Wellington region has sold out of the fucking things.

So we parked up in Woolworth carpark in Kilbirnie, took a few (blurry ugh) photos and had a yarn/laugh.

Here’s the pics:

Group shot

Jono’s Legacy.

Aaron’s WRX. Picked it up today, and had a new headunit installed within a couple of hours. Pity he didn’t pick up that it was missing a wheel nut…

I’ve been meaning to do a few photos of Sean’s EG6 Civic that he has recently acquired. Looks dope on my old rims now that the logos have been painted white.

My favourite photo of the evening

Thanks to everyone who showed up. I’m disappointed at the lack of meat at this meet.



Late Night Cruise

Bit of a late night cruise last night.

Took a few photos. Here they are:

This is Jono’s Subaru Legacy looking super sweet on a new suspension set up with some fresh Volk Racing wheels. Never seen Volks like these before so they are a pretty special addition to this car:

Here’s a quick snap of Yemo’s Prelude:

Here’s the trusty Suzuki.

Tidy S14A (Kouki) Silvia we met along the way – belongs to Bryce.

This is probably one of the better photos I got on the night. This is Mike’s 2004 BMW draped in gorgeous white. Super shiny – this guy knows how to keep a car clean.