Time out

Been taking a bit of time out recently to play with my own car.
Thought I’d maybe post up a bit of a progress photo taken today to show how far it’s come since day one.
It started its life in my possession as a worn out 235,000km old Eunos Roadster.
Looked a bit like this:
and it starts
It has since had some Cusco adjustable suspension installed. some Racetech seats. its been through a few different sets of wheels, and it’s come down to this:
Eunos Roadster
Eunos Roadster
It’s sitting on some Tri-spoke Advan SA3R’s that my good friend Dan hooked me up with. They seem a nice period correct 90’s wheel, and will be the road wheels for the car.
Now i’m just waiting to get a rollbar/cage welded in and we’ll be able to get it on the track finally.
If you are experienced in building roll bars/half cages in MX5’s/Roadsters then gimme a bell, i’m interested in discussing options.

Easter time Aka’s Cruise

Low key Aka’s cruise (can’t really have huge convoys running over that bit of road….).
Iain, Craig, JD and I making good use of the last part of a massive easter weekend…. i think Summer has finally arrived… and looking at the state of the sky as I write this, seems to have left already.
Ratshit. Not much to say re: this but Akatarawa road is sketchy, particularly when the narrowest bits of road come and you have to squeeze past Falcons and El Grands and need to drop into the ditch to get past…. 4×4 spec ride height for the win.
Quick sequence of pics that JD snapped from the passenger seat of the Roadster.