Oldschool.co.nz Pizza Meet 07/07/2011

Oldschool is a car club that has been around for some time now and has a pretty well established user base.

I’d been a luker for a wee while, but the opportunity presented itself to get amongst and go to a local meet. So in the name of all things Automotive, I packed the Cube, picked up the ever faithful Sundeep and made the epic long journey to Thorndon New World car park for some Old cars, Wholly Pizza and some yarning.

Pics as follows:

Twin Commodores

B1600 Ute

Matte black corolla.


what is this?

Sleeper Starlet

Hot Datsun

SSR <3


banded steelies FTW

skidz on

commy luv


The people at New World Thorndon didn’t like us standing about in the car park, so we were asked to move on, which we politely did. Thanks for the use of your carpark while it lasted!

Sexy Datto


Commy wagon





Sticker bawmb

NZPC Hardpark 13/03/2011

So the long awaited NZPC hardpark was on. It went OFF! With a huge turn out of cars from the Wellington region, the weather put on a great performance considering how shit it’s been over the last few weeks. Got major sunburn, but loved every minute of it. Snapped a few pics as follows (TO VIEW THE PICTURES IN FULL GLORY PLEASE CLICK ON THEM – BLOGSPOT IS SHIT WITH IT’S RESIZING *GROAN*)

I’ll start with the Hondas:

now some Nissans:

Now for some Toyotas

A few Subaru’s:

A Mazda:
and a few Miscellanous Vehicles/Group shots.

If you would like a hi-res version of any of these photos – then please email me on bwarp.net.nz@gmail.com
Looking forward to the next one!

Last minute photoshoot…

So this was kinda last minute. More people could probably have come but I posted it up like 4 hours before it actually happened.

Never the less.

Got a few photos I thought I’d share.

Excuse the graininess – had to shoot on High ISO. The light was less than favourable in that car park. I didn’t think it’d be that bad. It also doesn’t help that my lenses are shit.