Attention everyone from Kapiti. Read this.

So I just saw this news story posted on the FB wall of someone I went to school with. I read the story, and recognised a few names in there. Sadly it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. It upsets me that the consequences weren’t greater for these idiots.These are the sorta guys that are still into taking one bolt out of their number plates so it sits on a lean.

I want this bullshit FTP culture to just fuck off and die in a hole.

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Story follows as found on TVNZ’s website

Safety warning after boy racers steal fuel from planes

Published: 6:52PM Tuesday March 29, 2011 Source: ONE News

  • Safety warning after boy racers steal fuel from planes (Source: ONE News)

People who steal fuel from planes to use in cars are putting pilots’ lives in danger, the Civil Aviation Authority says.
The warning follows the appearance in court of a group of Kapiti boy racers who stole fuel from light aircraft.
Shane Mildove, Daniel Kamstra, Jonathan Garton and Peter Bean all admitted in court their involvement in stealing aviation fuel from Paraparaumu Airport last year.
One night they stole around 400 litres of fuel from the Kapiti Aero Club, which is based at the airport, to use in their cars.
Bean told ONE News outside court that “anybody could do” what he did, and that it was “just ridiculously easy”.
He said “there’s still people doing it” and that he had been offered aviation fuel by others but had said no.
However, Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Bill Sommer said a pilot’s options “could be quite limited” if the fuel loss had not been detected before getting airborne.
The theft is not isolated in its nature. In 2009 an air ambulance in Feilding was targeted.


Detective Sergeant James McKay said police would catch fuel thieves.
“The technology is there and if they’re doing this type of thing we will investigate,” he said.
Community detention or community service sentences were handed down in court today. Reparation will also have to be paid.
Paraparaumu Airport is looking ahead of upgrading security by increasing the height of fences, installing floodlights and possibly CCTV.