Late Night Cruise

Bit of a late night cruise last night.

Took a few photos. Here they are:

This is Jono’s Subaru Legacy looking super sweet on a new suspension set up with some fresh Volk Racing wheels. Never seen Volks like these before so they are a pretty special addition to this car:

Here’s a quick snap of Yemo’s Prelude:

Here’s the trusty Suzuki.

Tidy S14A (Kouki) Silvia we met along the way – belongs to Bryce.

This is probably one of the better photos I got on the night. This is Mike’s 2004 BMW draped in gorgeous white. Super shiny – this guy knows how to keep a car clean.

Andrew’s Mazda B1600 Ute

Whilst surfing friends of friends on Facebook (not a stalker…honest), this Old School Mazda B1600 caught my eye. Andrew, the owner, was more than happy to forward me a few pics that he had. What a GC!

As seen on Road Cops on TV3.

As you may have noticed, this ute sits pretty bloody low. Thank the lord for airbag suspension. Holla!

 I couldn’t think of a better colour to drape over this ute.
If you are ever in Tauranga – keep your eyes peeled for this beast rollin’, I’m sure it looks the tits in the flesh.