Blue Mazda RX3

This. THis is easily my favourite car of the whole day at Road n Track series at Manfeild.
Absolutely superb. It sounded fantastic. like a swarm of 10,000 bees in a milo tin. just beautiful..
The pictures below do not do this car justice!!
The front on pic has now become my desktop background at home. excellent. ahhhhhhhhhh

Spotlight: Kerri Mareeba and PERFK at Superlap 2012, Round 1

JD and I turned up in Feilding to go to Palmerston North Swap Meet 2012. Part way through wandering the main hall, I flipped open my phone to check Facebook as JD was hunting through a box of old shit.
A new photo had been uploaded by Kerri.
The photo showed a wing mirror snapped off some car… The colour of the car was gliterry pink….
Oh NOES – PERF has been in a smash.
We promptly left the show hall and made our way to the pit garage. (via a quick pitstop for lunch at KFC… we hungry)
Luckily nobody had been hurt, and PERFK was still running. Bit of broken glass here and there and some dents in the door and guard. Jamie managed to bash out a bunch of the dents with his superior panelbeating skills (which he only discovered he had on the day).
Luckily Kerri wasn’t thrown off by this at all, and jumped straight back on the horse that bucked her off.
And managed to smash her own PB and laid out a 1:20.5. AWH SHIT YEH.
Here’s some pics of the damage, and some other random shots of the day.
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Pink race tape? SUP!
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Lucky charms
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
The waterboy races to give Kerri her helmet.
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Hand signs and rotary drivers go together like bread and sausage. Mad Mike has obviously given her some coaching on best hand signal techniques.
Kerri and PERFK
Chasing Dan Currie out of the pits
Kerri and PERFK
I live for this shit.
More pics from Superlap R1 to come.

Pink Race Car… oh and CHICKEN


Bit of a late-ish night blog update, but I’ve just got back from a secret squirrel meet up with Kerri, who has shown me the fresh sticker job done on her sparkly pink FC RX7 Racecar.

She also was so kind and bought me back a stack of chicken from Wongs Kitchen in Hamilton for me and the flatmates to try (and she’s a vegetarian!!)

Now – check out the vinyl job done by Mad Mike at CRE8GRAFX.

Notice any familiar stickers on there?





You saw it here first. The new glammed up PERFK. WHAKA YEAH.


That Chicken

Glorious Chicken.


4 & Rotary Super Show – Auckland 22nd October 2011

Me and the Mrs planned ourselves a trip up north over labour weekend. When we booked this trip, I was not aware that it would also be finals weekend for Rugby World Cup in Auckland…. I was mad. Then a ray of light. The 4 & Rotary Supershow was on, the same weekend. WOOO.

We turned up to the show about lunch time. Huge amounts of people everywhere. Dirfers doing their thing on the carpark-come-skidpad that had been set up. Quad bikes and offroaders going nuts in the paddock behind the event centre.
I snapped a few pics of the rides outside before going inside:
Maserati on BBS was pretty pornographic.
Spot Mad Mike….
There were also a few military vehicles about:
I also snapped these photos off as this Laurel pulled into the carpark.
Once we were done have a nosey around the things parked outside, it was time to go into the event centre, and deal with the masses of people (there’s far too many people in Auckland…) to get a glimpse of some shiny rides.
The first hall we went into was full of Rotarys. In usual NZ style they were painted extreme candy colours and had Simmons wheels fitted. That hall was kinda weird, it didn’t have any music playing… it was like going into a library or a museum… Anyway – the two cars below are the ones that really stood out to me of all of them in that hall.
Stupid danger tape in the way… fffffffff
The photos to follow are from the main hall. There was copious amounts of Subarus…. too many if you ask me….not enough variation….. There were heaps of normal street cars on wheels that had just been painted black…. In my opinion, the standard of cars was pretty whorey. I did snap off a few photos of the ones that stood out to me.
This RX7 really stood out to me. So hot.
The car below caught my eye as soon as I entered the show hall. Being bright orange it popped out in front of all the other cars in the hall. It looked to be in immaculate condition too. NAICE.
That’s all from me for this round.
Bwarp meet at Burgerfuel tonight. CHYEAH