Impromptu Burgerfuel Stz

We went back to the old burgerfuel stomping ground that started it all.
as usual the food was excellent. banter was had.
We even went to the pub for a beer afterwards.
Here’s some pics.
Not sure what Andrew is up to here. getting slapped on the botty by Geoff?
Classic Shuttle
Some old cars.
Iain’s slut EG and friends
Birds eye view through the sunroof of the lush interior in the Honda City
Twin MR2’s
Bald kiant in a Celica
Casual giant in the City Turbo
Coming round the bend
From the passenger seat
some blurry faggot non-instagram hipster shot.
Good banter with the boys.
Until next time.

Spotted: KE70 Wagon on the Hutt Motorway

The Hutt motorway is becoming a bit of a hot spot for finding sweet cars out cruising on any night of the week. It’s not often i’m a passenger in the car, but considering we were out in JD’s AE70, i jumped at the chance to point my camera at a sweet beater that we rolled up next to. This is probably the only salvageable photo of the lot…. haha. I rushed to take the camera out and didnt adjust the settings before i shot…. max fail.
KE70 Toyota Wagon
If you know the owner, send them the link, will you?
Snapped the pic and we convoyed back into town in a mini XE7X cruise.
Game on.

CJC Wellington Meet 17/08/2012 – With Special guests from R’s Garage

Early last week I get a text from my good friend, Gung, asking if the R’s Garage crew are keen for some burgers on Friday night. Any excuse for a hoon out to Wendys to fill my face with deliciously disgusting meat, cheese and fries. So the obvious answer was ‘HELL YEAH’
We stacked the Cube up with the usual suspects and headed on out to Wendy’s.
After devouring the majority of the menu, we jumped back on the motorway and headed back to ptown for some quiet banter and some time to take pics of the cars.
Here’s the few photos I took. The rest of the time I was too busy bantering and watching JD try and find his way out of the carpark…. nice one JDriz.
Line upppp
Max Meet Pic
Craig’s GT-Four – a proper front on shot now.
ST205 Toyota Celica GT-FOUR
Jono’s tidy as Civic. This guy has a different set of wheels for every day of the week, I swear.
EG6 Honda Civic
Here’s the DC5 I posted a photo of earlier in the week. So tidy. Advan wheels look excellent on it too. Mint tidy road car. Love it
DC5 Integra Type R
Gung’s Honda Civic FD2R. With another set of wheels. I haven’t seen this car on wheels that don’t suit it yet. Gung has impeccable taste in vehicles!
Honda Civic FD2R
Doing what they do.
EK Honda Civic's
Mean as meet.
Caught up with some old faces, and met and bantered with some new characters.

Secret Meet # 3 – Dessert at Dennys

I sent the text out to a few of the bro’s mid-week for a meet up on a Friday night for dessert. Nothing serious just casual stz.
Turns out it was the same night all the crap was flying around the internet about crushed POS Laurels and such (see this link HERE). The local derp mob also decided it might be a real good idea to get a gang together to ‘protest’ some legislation that’d been through Parliament 3-4 years ago…. good one guys…. *facepalm* – More info on that HERE.
Anyway – turns out we were going to be in the same place at the same time as a bunch of munters, so it seemed like a good time to sit back and watch the drama unfold.
Meanwhile – we all arrived at Dennys, some of the ranks hadn’t eaten dinner, such as young James here. Took him approx 20 mins to be given a knife and fork to eat his steak with…. excellent customer service for sure.
Dessert at Dennys
So anyway – we all pounded through burgers, chips, steaks, curly fries, deep fried ice cream (so that’s what a snow ball is….), mud cakes and oreo milkshakes….
Dessert at Dennys
We took up a couple of tables in Dennys, lucky it was fairly quiet.
Dessert at Dennys
After our feed we wandered out into the carpark, and who pulls straight into the carpark after seeing a few young louts standing round cars? TV3 news…. Turns out he’s been sifting car parks in Porirua all night looking for a scoop…. We advise him “We are not the protestors you are looking for” and he continues into the nice calm night.
Next to roll in, 5 minutes later, were our friends, the Police. We also advised them we weren’t protesting, and they explained their frustration with not getting any action tonight… They were just looking for more dropkicks in Laurels to crush… Porirua cops are top blokes. A+ traders even.
Anyway, took a few snaps of friends cars that were out to hang so here goes.
This is Gungs latest addition to his stable… and…. it’s a HYBRID. It’s quieter than your Mums sewing machine after he turns the key, and its more lush than your grandfathers Jaguar. Honda have really got their shit sussed with these cars (guess they’ve had a lot of practice with the Civic). He’s made a few subtle mods to start with, such as a set of roof racks and the wheels, but he explains its his wifes daily, so it needs to stay comfy… (i wonder how long that’ll stay true…!)
Dessert at Dennys
This is JD’s Corolla that has already been on this blog 395769608 times.
He’s recently removed the rear bumper, because he loves the bogan look it gives the car…. not really though… he’s just been too lazy to put the new good condition bumper back on…!
Dessert at Dennys
Dessert at Dennys
The box was out, parked next to Dans Honda box, that is significantly lower…
Dessert at Dennys
After ditching the infamous CRX, Dan switched all the running gear into his latest Shuttle project. Max family hauling stz. And it’s fair farken low too.
Dessert at Dennys
Usual suspect Steve showed up in his EG Civic sedan. Good to see you Steve!
Dessert at Dennys
Local hooligan Yemo rolled up in the GSS-mobile. No green stickers or max dirfs tonight though.
Dessert at Dennys
And that was our quiet Friday night in Porirua. No boy racer protests to be seen…. Organisation obviously isn’t their strong point. Hurrdurr.
Till next time!
Dessert at Dennys

Quick Snap: JD’s AE70… again

This car is just so damned photogenic. Everytime we go out for a roll around, we find somewhere nice to put it up on a postcard.
As my man, David Dallas says – “Take a picture – ka chiiiiik”

JD's 1979 Toyota AE70 CorollaJD's 1979 Toyota AE70 Corolla 
 An afternoon well spent. 
Enjoy the long weekend folks – drive safe!