Impromptu Burgerfuel Stz

We went back to the old burgerfuel stomping ground that started it all.
as usual the food was excellent. banter was had.
We even went to the pub for a beer afterwards.
Here’s some pics.
Not sure what Andrew is up to here. getting slapped on the botty by Geoff?
Classic Shuttle
Some old cars.
Iain’s slut EG and friends
Birds eye view through the sunroof of the lush interior in the Honda City
Twin MR2’s
Bald kiant in a Celica
Casual giant in the City Turbo
Coming round the bend
From the passenger seat
some blurry faggot non-instagram hipster shot.
Good banter with the boys.
Until next time.

Bwarp Burgerfuel Meet – 23 November 2011 – PHOTOS – PART ONE

Holla sup.
Final Bwarp Burgerfuel Meet for the 2011 year was off the hook.
The rain held out, the wind fucked off for a bit and the burgers were superb.
Heaps of new faces came out, met some new GC’s and fapped over some pretty interesting technology.
Here’s the pics!
Steelie <3 This Civic was repping them hard. Got luv for that. IMG_7334resized
The infamous Phlex
Feel sorry for the baby onboard this weapon when pilot, Aaron, decides to step it out!
The camera is rolling, boys.
Dan and The Black Pearl – the jewel in the crown of Porirua.
This bike was BAOSSSSS. It’s rider, David, has owned it for around a year and has already put 17,000kms on the clock. That’s a farken long way! Good effort bro!
Here’s a different arse end shot to the usual shot of Josh’s EK9 ass. CARBON NOM.
People people people
Adam was there in his tidy OG Mirage, lyk a boss.
Usual suspect Jono had his Low Legacy Wagon out. Chyeah.
Iain graced us with his prescence along with his EG hack. Rusty panel trend be-gone! Sanded and partially bogged bonnets are the new hip thing.
One diesel to rule them all, one diesel to find them, one diesel to bring them all and in the darkness SMOKE THEM THE FUCK OUT! Nice one Jasper!
Ryan brought along RKLESS – Ryan has stepped the game up on this car with a new set of wheels. Along with his usual styz slammed ride height – the new feet set the car off. Nice work bro – I was very very very impressed with the standard of this car.
gettin’ dem burgers.
Jono – probably chatting up a bird – usual styz for this guy.
Dunno who this prick is. But he’s certainly not my younger brother……hah. Much love bro.
Someone doing it right.
If your car isn’t in this set of photos – it should bloody well be in the next lot.
Keep your eyes out cos the next post is on it’s way!!

Burgerfuel Meet 26 October 2011 – PHOTODUMP

The weather was a bit… well…. wet on Wednesday night for the Monthly Burgerfuel Meet….
Aparently that doesn’t turn a large group of people off, because the turnout to this meet was still superb. Shout out to the kids from for rolling out for a feed and a yarn too.
As usual we chilled and ate our Wednesday night roast. The weather was shit, so we didn’t stand round fapping over Kerri’s rotang for long before a smaller group of us convoyed out to an undisclosed location in Pori-vegas. (What a bustling metropolis it is…)
Here’s some shots:

As we parked up a few local hoodlum children sprinted our way to check out the cars. This standard of vehicles must be fairly foreign to them as they distinctly lack Enkei G-Zeros and random panels covered in primer. One of the young kids was quoted saying “dis is like some shit out of fast n furious, deez are da badst cars in Porirua!”
I think errbody LOL’d at that.
Kerri brought out an FD RX7 named PIE.
Errrrbody loves PIE…. and FD RX7’s.
Usual suspect, Charlie was there.
The paint on his Accord looking so wet, so clean – I’ve never seen this car dirty.
Craig and Josh decided to get to work on polishing some yellowed headlights on this DB8R. What lovely young men.
Finished result – CHUR!
Dan has recently got to work on his AK Shuttle and repainted the bumpers to black, and chucked some different wheels on. Looking SA-WEEEET.
Mudflaps FTW!
Jasper came out in his Matty-B Ute. Minitruck <3 IMG_6493resized
Jaymee brought his recently acquired EF Civic along.
This wee Morrie is hiding something a bit special under the hood.
Oh why hello there little 4AGE.
Mean as night as usual.
Thanks to all who came out for it, it was most enjoyable to get to know a few more of you.
Until next time.

Burgerfuel Meet 28 Sept 2011 VIDEO

Was an awesome meet with over 30 cars showing up along with plenty of Good characters in those cars!

We must pile through a serious amount of burgers once a month.

Here’s a teaser video. Just trying it out for the lulz and to learn a few things. It looks like it was filmed by someone with Parkinsons. McFly?

Pics will be up sooooooon.

Bwarp Burgerfuel Meet 28 Sept 2011 from Bwarp Blog on Vimeo.