Random Snap: Sean’s Honda City Turbo

I’ve always had a thing for small cars. Honda City Turbos are probably one of the cars that sparked my interest in tiny shit cars.

Sean has just picked up this example. With fairly low KM’s it had recently been sold as estate as the previous owners had died after owning it for like 8593894 years and never hitting boost… The wastegate actuator was stuck… :-/ derp derp.

Here’s a quick snap i took after it under went a Craig Hume special wash and wax. As usual, the results are superb.

Honda City Turbo

There’s bound to be more pictures of this rice rocket popping up on the blog and the facebook page.


Josh G and his Austin Seven (aka Mini)

There’s nothing quite like the exhaust note of a worked 1275cc British engine with a hot cam and a straight through exhaust. This really is a car that goes BWAAARPPP.

Josh - Mini 2

This is Josh’s 1962 Austin Seven. This car is before they were even called a Mini. It’s very simple. It doesn’t have windows that wind up and down, they slide open. The rear seat doesn’t have belts. There is not much dashboard to speak of. There’s no glove box. There’s no cupholders. It’s perfectly simple.

Josh - Mini 3

Because of it’s pint sized stature we managed to have a bit of a laugh and get it onto the train platform at Redwood station. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Josh - Mini 4

and my favourite photo of the evening:

Josh - Mini 1

(good spotting on this one Alex)

Oldschool.co.nz Pizza Meet 07/07/2011

Oldschool is a car club that has been around for some time now and has a pretty well established user base.

I’d been a luker for a wee while, but the opportunity presented itself to get amongst and go to a local meet. So in the name of all things Automotive, I packed the Cube, picked up the ever faithful Sundeep and made the epic long journey to Thorndon New World car park for some Old cars, Wholly Pizza and some yarning.

Pics as follows:

Twin Commodores

B1600 Ute

Matte black corolla.


what is this?

Sleeper Starlet

Hot Datsun

SSR <3


banded steelies FTW

skidz on

commy luv


The people at New World Thorndon didn’t like us standing about in the car park, so we were asked to move on, which we politely did. Thanks for the use of your carpark while it lasted!

Sexy Datto


Commy wagon





Sticker bawmb

A girls opinion on modified cars.

I decide to ask a girl what her opinion was on cars. Modified cars in particular. This girl is not new to the modified car scene at all. She was once a person that went to the thursday night Melling drags with a bunch of bogans, but is not car trash by any standard (no tramp stamps or bleach blonde hair and certainly no playboy labelled merch)

Here’s the responses:

What makes a car “hot”?
Something either new and shiny and likely black. Or old school cars, but not tacky – so no flame paintjobs.

What has been the favourite modified car you have ridden in/driven in the past?
Probably ‘Goldie’. It was a gold Mazda Familia Turbo. The old square-ish one.

What made it appealing?
Because it was cool. It was shiny. but it was like a stupid car because it was a hatchback, but it was shiny and gold. It was so low. You pretty much sit on the ground. and it was bumpy and fun.

If you were going to build a modified car, what you be the top three things on your ‘to-do list’?
A good soundsystem (doof doof)
a new paint job (black with some shiny fleck)
and it would have to be low

Does the car a guy drives have any bearing on whether you would date him or not?
No… but in saying that, I wouldn’t go out with a guy who had no car. because it’s a pain in the arse.

What modified car trends do you dislike?
People who try to make their cars faster. What’s the point if it’s just used on the road?
Does the word ‘Horsepower’ mean anything to you?
Horsepower? like how many horses it has to pull it? nah i know that means that’s how much power it has.

and ‘Hellaflush’?

So it seems the moral of the story is – The size of your turbo or if you have a 2JZ means absolutely nothing to a girl that isn’t a Rota-hoe or car trash. eg normal decent girls. So putting that big huffer and front mount interfooler on your car, isn’t gonna get you the bitchez. and HellaFlush style…. doesn’t have the wimmin pulling potential that the current bandwagoners seem to be convinced that it has.

So you may as well go back to driving a ‘normal’ car and hit the gym if your main goal in life is to get amongst the clunge. I expect the sales of the humble Toyota Corolla/Prius to increase DRASTICALLY after the world reads this post…… wait…. what’s that saying on all the Tui Beer billboards?