Spotted: KE70 Wagon on the Hutt Motorway

The Hutt motorway is becoming a bit of a hot spot for finding sweet cars out cruising on any night of the week. It’s not often i’m a passenger in the car, but considering we were out in JD’s AE70, i jumped at the chance to point my camera at a sweet beater that we rolled up next to. This is probably the only salvageable photo of the lot…. haha. I rushed to take the camera out and didnt adjust the settings before i shot…. max fail.
KE70 Toyota Wagon
If you know the owner, send them the link, will you?
Snapped the pic and we convoyed back into town in a mini XE7X cruise.
Game on.

Quick Snap: JD’s AE70… again

This car is just so damned photogenic. Everytime we go out for a roll around, we find somewhere nice to put it up on a postcard.
As my man, David Dallas says – “Take a picture – ka chiiiiik”

JD's 1979 Toyota AE70 CorollaJD's 1979 Toyota AE70 Corolla 
 An afternoon well spent. 
Enjoy the long weekend folks – drive safe! 

JD’s new ride – 1979 AE70 Toyota Corolla

Impul Mesh
Here’s JD’s new ride. He sold one car, didnt know what to buy (he’s too big for most cars he was looking at) and within 15 minutes of chatting to James and Reuben (R’s Garage) he was convinced he needed this very tidy AE70.

Currently it’s in the condition he bought it, but he’s got a few plans lined up, such as a front lip, some fender mirrors and a general tidy up of the inside and outside.
Still running it’s factory 3AU engine with 5 speed box, it’s certainly no rocket ship, but considering it’s only done 97,000kms from new (the whole car including engine….) it’s not worth swapping it out for a 4AGE… just yet
If you see JD rollin’, give him a wave, he’s probably struggling with the lack of power steering while trying to 3 point turn, so just be patient, and let him finish.