Spotlight: Kerri Mareeba and PERFK at Superlap 2012, Round 1

JD and I turned up in Feilding to go to Palmerston North Swap Meet 2012. Part way through wandering the main hall, I flipped open my phone to check Facebook as JD was hunting through a box of old shit.
A new photo had been uploaded by Kerri.
The photo showed a wing mirror snapped off some car…┬áThe colour of the car was gliterry pink….
Oh NOES – PERF has been in a smash.
We promptly left the show hall and made our way to the pit garage. (via a quick pitstop for lunch at KFC… we hungry)
Luckily nobody had been hurt, and PERFK was still running. Bit of broken glass here and there and some dents in the door and guard. Jamie managed to bash out a bunch of the dents with his superior panelbeating skills (which he only discovered he had on the day).
Luckily Kerri wasn’t thrown off by this at all, and jumped straight back on the horse that bucked her off.
And managed to smash her own PB and laid out a 1:20.5. AWH SHIT YEH.
Here’s some pics of the damage, and some other random shots of the day.
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Pink race tape? SUP!
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Lucky charms
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
The waterboy races to give Kerri her helmet.
Kerri and PERFK
Kerri and PERFK
Hand signs and rotary drivers go together like bread and sausage. Mad Mike has obviously given her some coaching on best hand signal techniques.
Kerri and PERFK
Chasing Dan Currie out of the pits
Kerri and PERFK
I live for this shit.
More pics from Superlap R1 to come.

4nRotary Jamboree 2012

4nRotary Jamboree weekend has come and gone for another year. Plenty of sweet cars, free V, and questionably dressed young women filled the glorious place that is – Manfeild. (yes this is the correct way to spell it, despite many media folk failing to recognise that).
Enough sharning. Here are some photos from inside the hall the rest are viewable on flickr or facebook:
First up is this 180sx – built purely to be a drift weapon. The front cut unclips in one will piece. Front bumper, guards, and bonnet all fold forward on a part tube frame front end. The little flicked out steel flares on the guards. The raw roof spoiler. Zebra painted side skirts. It’s so differently dirty and sexy.
Next up – this early RX7. Anything with OG fender mirrors gives me wood, however, I will admit I was slightly upset it was rocking modgies.
I get so excited when i see this Citroen around town. It’s so delicious.
The guys and girls at came and rep’d hard.
This notchback Trueno was enough to give most JDM fanboys serious wood.
This late model Nissan Navara was pretty different to the sort of minitrucks we usually see. Never seen one this low!
I’m pretty sure this Soarer had been painted the night before the show – I was sure I could smell the fresh paint on it…
The FD2R Civic below is probably the only one I’ll ever see in real life…. and it was immaculately presented
Pretty special interior in it too
Woot – it’s Kerri and PERFK the Pink FC on the Dyno – CHUR!
Most Wellington folk will probably recognise Nimesh’s superb S13 Silvia and with his wheels being freshly repainted it certainly looked baoss.
I’ve also got mad love for this car. It’s nice seeing an early model Evo that isn’t de-sprung on a set of hideous Titans or Vaults – with or without centres G.
Now for this car you will have to excuse the bad photos. the rope barrier thing was in the way and I had nobody around to hold it out of the way for me!!
This is an S15 Silvia, with an R34 Skyline front end, an RB under the hood, with a set of Shelby wheels on it. (atleast I think they were Shelby wheels – they had a wee snake on them…)
This is most likely my favourite car of the whole day, particularly just due to wheel choice. Why run a set of Works, or Volks, or BBS when every man and his dog also has a set or a set of look-a-likes… I truely think wheel choice alone set this car apart from the rest. Also the fact that it was a Skyline front end on a Silvia, rather than 180SX front on one. A nice touch, I thought.
A suspicious looking member of the terrorist organisation – R’s Garage was spotted on the prowl. He was stopped for questioning, but little that came out of his mouth was understood. Hungover perhaps?

Here’s a bunch of other photos:
That’s all for now!

Pink Race Car… oh and CHICKEN


Bit of a late-ish night blog update, but I’ve just got back from a secret squirrel meet up with Kerri, who has shown me the fresh sticker job done on her sparkly pink FC RX7 Racecar.

She also was so kind and bought me back a stack of chicken from Wongs Kitchen in Hamilton for me and the flatmates to try (and she’s a vegetarian!!)

Now – check out the vinyl job done by Mad Mike at CRE8GRAFX.

Notice any familiar stickers on there?





You saw it here first. The new glammed up PERFK. WHAKA YEAH.


That Chicken

Glorious Chicken.


Burgerfuel Meet 26 October 2011 – PHOTODUMP

The weather was a bit… well…. wet on Wednesday night for the Monthly Burgerfuel Meet….
Aparently that doesn’t turn a large group of people off, because the turnout to this meet was still superb. Shout out to the kids from for rolling out for a feed and a yarn too.
As usual we chilled and ate our Wednesday night roast. The weather was shit, so we didn’t stand round fapping over Kerri’s rotang for long before a smaller group of us convoyed out to an undisclosed location in Pori-vegas. (What a bustling metropolis it is…)
Here’s some shots:

As we parked up a few local hoodlum children sprinted our way to check out the cars. This standard of vehicles must be fairly foreign to them as they distinctly lack Enkei G-Zeros and random panels covered in primer. One of the young kids was quoted saying “dis is like some shit out of fast n furious, deez are da badst cars in Porirua!”
I think errbody LOL’d at that.
Kerri brought out an FD RX7 named PIE.
Errrrbody loves PIE…. and FD RX7’s.
Usual suspect, Charlie was there.
The paint on his Accord looking so wet, so clean – I’ve never seen this car dirty.
Craig and Josh decided to get to work on polishing some yellowed headlights on this DB8R. What lovely young men.
Finished result – CHUR!
Dan has recently got to work on his AK Shuttle and repainted the bumpers to black, and chucked some different wheels on. Looking SA-WEEEET.
Mudflaps FTW!
Jasper came out in his Matty-B Ute. Minitruck <3 IMG_6493resized
Jaymee brought his recently acquired EF Civic along.
This wee Morrie is hiding something a bit special under the hood.
Oh why hello there little 4AGE.
Mean as night as usual.
Thanks to all who came out for it, it was most enjoyable to get to know a few more of you.
Until next time.

NZPC Hardpark 13/03/2011

So the long awaited NZPC hardpark was on. It went OFF! With a huge turn out of cars from the Wellington region, the weather put on a great performance considering how shit it’s been over the last few weeks. Got major sunburn, but loved every minute of it. Snapped a few pics as follows (TO VIEW THE PICTURES IN FULL GLORY PLEASE CLICK ON THEM – BLOGSPOT IS SHIT WITH IT’S RESIZING *GROAN*)

I’ll start with the Hondas:

now some Nissans:

Now for some Toyotas

A few Subaru’s:

A Mazda:
and a few Miscellanous Vehicles/Group shots.

If you would like a hi-res version of any of these photos – then please email me on
Looking forward to the next one!