Fast & Furious 5

Yes it is happening again. Due to be released in 2011.

Has all the same characters. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker (Brian Earl Spilner hahaha), Tyrese is back as is LUDACRIS (ye boi). There is also some new additions, eg The Rock….wtf…..

Cars featuring look to be the obligatory Skyline GTR – in R35 form this tome. a GT40 makes an appearance, and I can’t work out what that silver convertible space machine is… any ideas?


I’ve gotta get writing some of my own material again.

I couldn’t resist this blog post I found on

About etiquette when turning up to a casual car meet.

Check it out here. It’s crucial information


Japan Grassroots

This video was posted on another car blog i’ve recently found with a shit load of awesome photos. Check it out HERE

It may not be Kiwi – but by god it’s quite cool. Just don’t try this at home or on the streets. I don’t endorse street drifting in the slightest – let’s just leave it to the crazy japs!!