NZHondas cruise 26th Feb

The 26th of Feb rolled around and it was my chance to get out there in the Suzuki with the NZHondas club.

Met at Avalon Park (I went round in circles trying to find the entrance and all I had to do was venture a bit further up the road…DOOOOUCHE) waited around and then left up the Rimutakas, down the Rimutakas and then parked up in Kaitoke. Mintest day!

Snapped a few pics. Mine are pretty crap sadly but here goes (this blog seems to make resized pics look ghey – to view them at their best click on the pic and it will make it slightly bigger and better looking)

 The brootal Shuttle. It had had it’s suspension swapped over early in the morning along with its wheels. Top work lads, looks sick!

It also came complete with this extreme shiftz0rz – looking very shifty indeed.

This beauty EK Civic Type R turned up looking oh-so-shiny. It also packed plenty of VTEC, Uleh.

I also got taught a lesson for turning up to a meat with a dirty car….. NEVER AGAIN.

 I was quite gutted I didn’t get anymore good pics of Dan’s CRX. It’s ruthless as and is pure function.
 Sitting at the top of the Rimutakas. Spot the dirty arse’s.

Mint pics by Yemo Guo

Went for a Cruise with some guys from NZ Hondas on the weekend. Was a great day out, and they are an awesome bunch of people. One fellow even snapped off a few hot pics after some clowns decided to tape up my car.

All photo credit to Yemo Guo – who’s flickr photostream can be found here.

Stac’s Caldina

A few weekends back Stac shouted Himself, Kane and I a trip to Auckland to pick up his new ride.

Up super early on a Saturday morning (unusual I know) we convinced the Gorgeous El to drive us to the airport.
While sitting in the Airport we spotted Andre Simon and the STM team – I didn’t snap off any paparazzi photos but they were on the same flight as us… no big deal….

Landed in AKL. Picked up in this fresh as fuck Caldina – Stac’s new ride!

Fully adjustable Tein suspension. Full exhaust (it’s big – between 3 and 4 inch) from front to the back. Excellent exhaust note. Gold rims with silver lip which sit oh-so-nice against the white paint work. 2 stage boost controller. Aftermarket Fuel pressure regulator. HKS SSQ Blow off valve. HKS induction kit. 
Drives immactulately and pulls like a 14 year old school boy.

 We decided to pick up a few bourbons in Taupo (for Kane and I of course – we can’t have our driver drinking!) and then I decided to hang out the window with my beloved camera…. guess it didn’t end so badly….

 Made it back to home base and cooked up an obligatory cheese on toast feast. Usual story for Stac and I. (Kane missed out on the feast, as the wee guy was a bit tuckered out and went straight to bed….)

Classic Mitsubishi Goodness.

So, El invited her friend, Sara, over for dinner this evening. Look at what she turned up in.

A genuine Mitsubishi Sigma GSR-X

It’s fully original and completely unmodified, molested for fettered with.

What a beautiful machine and a real credit to its owner.


Hmmmm some new stickers have arrived. They are vinyl and they look good, but they scratch quite easily so may not last too long….. I just chucked one on my car as a tester and when i was pushing out a few wee air bubbles with a squeegee it put some wee white scratches along it. can’t really notice it from afar, but still annoying….. hmmmm

Anyway. I have nine stickers left. These ones won’t cost anything apart from postage if you want me to mail it for you….