NZHondas/Spamcrew Te Papa Meet 21st May 2011

I’m not going to do a write up, cos I CBF’d.

Here’s some pics of people before they left and before I got hungry.

The infamous Sean (Forum user 4AGE) bought his Crotch rocket. YES ITS A HONDA
I will still never understand the missing bolt on the number plate thing….
Phat rides brae. the token Cef on Chrome. Full feature on this one soon.
My favourite photo of the night. Love this car. ITS EVL

The official BWARP Household appliance on wheels

So the Ignis was sold to a lovely couple in Waikanae, who have just sold two turbo Skylines (R32 and R34) and are building an RB30DET power Datsun Ute drag car…. Guess the car wasn’t as nana spec as first thought…..

The hunt was on to find a new ride……
I already had a few ideas in mind for what I wanted the next Bwarp mobile to be. So when I found the perfect car at Stortford Auto Sales – I made a quick call to some contacts in Hastings, who put me onto Brendon (a salesman at the yard). Brendon is a really good bloke and gave me an excellent price on a low KM’s 2003 model of the car I wanted.

The roady started Friday night. Jumped in Kanes pedo ute, stocked up on beers (Coopers India Pale Ale to be exact – good brew – highly recommend). and hit the road. Kane left his phone at home, so we had to turn round and get it after we filled up with diesel…. Nice one Kane…. haha

Stopped in Levin for some KFC DoubleDown loving. Zinger with added BBQ sauce. It’s excellent I suggest you try it.

We made it to Hastings in one piece. Had a few more beers at my uncle and auntys place, and then crashed.

Up in the morning. EXCITED AS for my new ride. As we came down Heretaunga st I could see my freshly waxed new baby glistening in the winter sun.

Brendon gave me the keys and I took her for a swing through town. She went well. Handled better than expected, and the factory stereo system was more capable than I assumed.

She was PERFECT.

We filled up with gas. and hit the road back to Wellington….. to an NZ Hondas meet….. The perfect place for a Nissans first outing….. *cough*

(Pics of the meet to come)

Pedo ute getting a windscreen scrub and some yummy diesel
I had to make a wee addition to the cube before it go driven anywhere, just to put a little bit of Me in it.
The road home

Spamcrew/NZHondas Driving Range Ball Whack off

Ball whack off went ahead as planned on the 14th of May.

Shit was tight. Had a good turn out. Niggahs in suits. Couldn’t have asked for more.

The lady at the counter of the driving range was in a terrible shit mood and had a bad attitude.

I didn’t really take many pics as I was too busy smacking balls and ducking for cover as Pete and Josh were whacking off.

As follows:

Joff’s mean idea for a number plate. Big ups champ. WORKS MINT
Gawd this car makes me so hard.

The Ignis has now been sold. So look out for my next gutless weird-as-fuck-mobile.

Til next time kids.


KFC Double Down Fail Meat

So the KFC DoubleDown burger, that I’m sure you have heard about, came out on Tuesday, we wanted to get a bit of a evening snack, so organised a wee meet around it.
So everyone turned up at Johnsonville KFC, and it was noted that they had no bacon left, so…. no DoubleDowns. So we went for a cruise out to Kilbirnie to check if their KFC had doubledowns. Still not luck. as it turns out, every KFC in the greater Wellington region has sold out of the fucking things.

So we parked up in Woolworth carpark in Kilbirnie, took a few (blurry ugh) photos and had a yarn/laugh.

Here’s the pics:

Group shot

Jono’s Legacy.

Aaron’s WRX. Picked it up today, and had a new headunit installed within a couple of hours. Pity he didn’t pick up that it was missing a wheel nut…

I’ve been meaning to do a few photos of Sean’s EG6 Civic that he has recently acquired. Looks dope on my old rims now that the logos have been painted white.

My favourite photo of the evening

Thanks to everyone who showed up. I’m disappointed at the lack of meat at this meet.