The French Do It BETTER!

Continuing on from the previous post from the meet, I felt the need to do a seperate post for one car that showed up on the night that really made an impression on me.

Joe’s Peugeot 205 Gti – with Mi16 lurve.

These cars usually come with either an 8 valve 1.6 or an 8 valve 1.9 engine. From the factory they put out some bloody good numbers. Joe has gone to the next level with his build, dropping in one rare piece of metal between his strut towers. The infamous Mi16. 16 valves. 1.9 litres of capacity. and one hell of a mental exhaust note.

I won’t go into extreme detail with engine specs because I’m not too clever at it.

So I’ll let these couple of pictures speak for themselves.


This is certainly no pretty boy JDM spek Honda. It’s build to go fast. It’s ruthless as hell.

Joe's 205

Joe seems to be all about function over form. When asked why the top cover of his dash board and speedo cluster was missing he replied “It was rattling, so I ripped it off”. Just the way he likes it.

chicken lol

Not only is it fast, it’s got character too. This rubber chicken on the rear wiper is just one hilarious addition to the vehicle to really make it something different.


What most people would notice first is that the bonnet is … well…. fairly rusty…. This bonnet is quite sought after as it only ever came out on Automatic 205’s and most of them get raped and pillaged pretty quickly because the bonnets have a slight rise or ‘bulge’ in the middle of them. Some Peugeot enthusiasts pay top dollar for those bonnets, so as a big “FUCK YOU”, Joe decided he would strip the paint off his rather valuable bonnet and get some rust up in dat.

Who needs chromes, bags and candy paint to turn heads?

All you need is rust.

rusty bonnet

PEACE. Pizza Meet 07/07/2011

Oldschool is a car club that has been around for some time now and has a pretty well established user base.

I’d been a luker for a wee while, but the opportunity presented itself to get amongst and go to a local meet. So in the name of all things Automotive, I packed the Cube, picked up the ever faithful Sundeep and made the epic long journey to Thorndon New World car park for some Old cars, Wholly Pizza and some yarning.

Pics as follows:

Twin Commodores

B1600 Ute

Matte black corolla.


what is this?

Sleeper Starlet

Hot Datsun

SSR <3


banded steelies FTW

skidz on

commy luv


The people at New World Thorndon didn’t like us standing about in the car park, so we were asked to move on, which we politely did. Thanks for the use of your carpark while it lasted!

Sexy Datto


Commy wagon





Sticker bawmb

Burger Fuel Meet 27/07/2011

Here’s the pics from the last meet: CLICK DIS

The last meet was awesome – let’s make this one bigger and better!

Burger Fuel Johnsonville. Park at the back of Woolworths carpark as usual. Look for the Nissan Cube. Will park under the lights this time 😉

Meet from 7:00 – dinner around 7:30pm or just when people get hungry. Burger Fuel is right next to Dominoes and NoodleCanteen, so if Burgers aren’t your thing then you have options.

May go for a cruise afterwards if people are keen.

No dick heads please. We know you know how to do phat skids and we don’t need you to prove it and we don’t need police trouble ruining our night.

But I trust you will all be good boys and girls. 😉