Haters incoming. VL32

With a mass of Skylines on the street, to stand out you need to go wild.


Daniel the owner certainly went wild. I’ve seen pics on the net of various front end conversions on Skylines before, but this is an odd one.


When I first saw the car I couldn’t tell what the hell it was at the front. Whatever it was, it looked different. Which is always a good thing.


While the car was being built he nicked parts off his Dad’s VL commodore.


He did all the panel and paint work himself. Which makes it twice as awesome.


BBS wheels set it off.


While the car was parked all day. I’ve heard Daniel likes to give it death.


Cheers for the pics and the chat Daniel. Love your work.


Anton’s 1UZ FC RX7

The title pretty much says it all.

That track day that i posted about earlier in the month had this crazy machine show up.

FC RX7 stripped, caged, painted, boned out, stuffed with a 1UZ Toyota 4L V8 between the front wheels.

The 1UZ looks right at home in the bay, and with a simple exhaust, intake and tune it produces some epic hillbilly sideways action.

Last i heard this car may actually be up for sale…. Whoever the new owner becomes, it’s sure to put a smile on their face.

Keith’s Datsun 280z

Sean and I attended a Datsun Z track day in early february at taupo raceway. Some amazing Z cars showed up – but there was one that stood out from the rest.

Keith’s Datsun 280z.

With it’s silhouette car type looks and a massive history behind it – it screamed RAD!

From my memory of the conversation I had with Keith, he’s owned the car for over 20 years, and has only rebuilt the engine once in the very early years of ownership – and has thrashed the tits off it since then. He initially imported it as his own road car, and when it came from Japan and landed on these shores it was in immaculate condition. It’s eventually transformed over the length of his ownership to a caged old school track warrior.
Hanging some big carbs off the side of the L series engine – It makes all the noises an old Datsun should.
I hung around long enough talking smack with Keith that he eventually offered me a few laps round the track riding shotgun. Not only is the car mad, the man behind the wheel is also mad! He certainly knows where the limits are, and knew just how to make me white-knuckle while gripping onto anything within my reach. Thanks heaps for the good times, Keith!!

Anyway: here’s the pics of this nostalgic demon.

thanks for reading!