Solid Slide Sessions- SUPER DRIFT

Our friends at Solid Slide Sessions had organised a day at Hampton of skid pan and full track simultaneous action.


So we made the journey to Hampton to see what was going on.


Even though it was dominated by Nissans, there was still points of difference to be found.


When we first arrived we were greeted by the eargasm that is a quad rotary firing up at 9am.

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C’s Garage Love

On Saturday Luke and I rolled to Hampton Downs for the Solid Slide Sessions Super Drift on Saturday.

Turns out the C’s Garage boys were there in their Silvias. These cars are some of, if not, the best looking cars in the NZ drifting game at the moment. The cars looked immaculate the whole day, no haggard bumper-less cars here.

C's Garage

But it wasn’t even the appearance of the cars. The way drifting is these days (I think so anyway) is so mechanical and robotic, that any old driver could be in the car and I wouldn’t know the difference.

C's Garage S14

These boys though, drove the cars with a personality and style that I hadn’t see in NZ before.

C's Garage

It was like I was at Bihoku or Ebisu watching the Jap guys drift who I have only seen on youtube.

C's S15

Pity I couldn’t really photograph the sparkle in the paint.

C's Garage

Genuine wheels are a rare sight on drift cars these days.The graphics are fantastic.


They made good noises too.

C's Garage

Keep an eye on the blog and facebook page  for more pics and videos from SSS Super Drift.


SuperDrift: Carl Thompsons 1000hp 4-Rotor Lexus GS300

Just got back from being in Auckland over the weekend at the SuperDrift event run by Solid Slide Sessions.

Absolutely crazy weekend with heaps of video and pictures still to come from Sean and I. I just had to upload this quick clip of Carl Thompson’s 4-Rotor powered Lexus.

1000hp Quad Rotor Lexus GS300 from Bwarp Blog on Vimeo.

Watch this space for more sweet clips and pics to come. churrrrr

Dan’s Ford EL Falcon

A few weekends back, I caught up with an old mate to talk some shit on a beautiful sunday morning.

Obviously I took a camera along.

Now my mate Dan has been through a couple of cars since I’ve met him. Most of the time I’ve known him he’s been all about the Honda’s – and for good reason, they’re easy/cheap to fix, common as so there’s 8393849033939 parts around for them (apart from that AK shuttle….) and they’re fairly frugal on gas (as long as you don’t keep your foot up them all day everyday).  Now he’s gone “back to [his] bogan roots” as he puts it – and has bought a Ford Falcon.

Dan's Ford EL Falcon

Starting out as a well kept single owner NZ new vehicle it was pretty grandpa spec. But Dan has put his own spin on it with a few of the usual key ingredients.

Dan's Ford EL Falcon

Dan got the Falcon a bit closer to the black top with some suspension from another model Falcon (love that Lego car stz), and filled the guards with a set of Cragars and fat rubber that he picked up on tardme.

Dan's Ford EL Falcon
A mooneyes sticker was used to cover the fact that is car is the ‘All Blacks Edition’ Falcon. Dan isn’t really a fan of rugby obviously… hah!

Dan's Ford EL Falcon

Sitting in the back window is a genuine (yes, genuine) prop skull that was used on the set of Lord of the Rings film production. This piece is so very very ‘Dan’ – if you know him personally, you’ll understand.

Dan's Ford EL Falcon

The mighty sound of bogan is released by an exhaust system that has been freed up of a few mufflers. It also has a set of custom extractors up front. An adequately throaty noise is now emitted from the rear end when you plant it.

For now it sounds as though Dan is enjoying the Falcon for what it is, using it for trips to the beach with his family, and general cruising with the windows down and Kid Rock on the stereo.

Love this shiet. People enjoying their cars for what they are. #maximumfeels

Good times Dan, cheers for the banter.