Joe’s Honda EG Civic

Last Sunday it was a ripper of a day in Wellington City, so after getting burnt all day, we decided to go for a bit of a tiki tour and catch the golden hour of light and take some pics of Joe’s recently reassembled Civic.

From the following pictures you will note a few things:
– It’s pretty low. Low enough that the mudflaps scrape along the road like a bit of colby on a cheese grater
– It retains it’s tow bar – not usually a mod bestowed on a weekend track car, but Joe also uses this as a car to tow his jetski around on occasion.
– the paints a little shabby – yep, it’s a track hack….

A casual Honda D-series motor resides under the lid. In Joe’s eyes this makes it the perfect track hack to learn the ropes in. He can push it to the absolute limit on the circuit, without worrying how much it’s going to cost to replace the motor if he happens to run it a little low on oil round a left hander – they may not be as fast as your sweet 400kw SR20 in your Silvia, but they’re just as fun, and a fraction of the cost to replace when you send a rod through the side of the block. There’s as many D-series blocks out there as there is genital warts in Hamilton – FUCKEN HEAPS MATE.

Anyway, enough shit talk about the wonderful metropolis that is Hamilton here’s the pics of a very functional (unless there’s a judderbar or awkward driveway) Honda EG Civic.

Joe's EG Civic

Joe's EG Civic

Joe's EG Civic

Joe's EG Civic

Joe's EG Civic

Joe's EG Civic

Joe's EG Civic

Joe's EG Civic

Joe's EG Civic

Joe's EG Civic


The End

Monthly update

Almost a month without an update here,

so here’s a few pictures from that month that’s been.

Spring has arrived and brought some brighter days to us here in the lower NI.

Our friend from Auckland, Shaun, came down for a LARP camp or something, so we put him to good work putting some suspension in the Laurel when he had a day off. Plenty of good times.

Matt’s Prelude:
STina Mega Meet

Andrew’s Civic. Teks hard
STina Mega Meet

Some random K20 that was sitting round:
STina Mega Meet

The gang:
STina Mega Meet

We also had Taco night at Geoff’s pad. Great event and looks set to be an annual one! chahoooooo.

Geoff's Taco Day Birthday Banger

Geoff's Taco Day Birthday Banger

Geoff's Taco Day Birthday Banger

Geoff's Taco Day Birthday Banger

Sunny’s DA Integra finally made an appearance:
Sunny's Honda DA Integra

Thnks fr th mmrs

pumped for what’s coming up soon for events. busy busy next few weeks!


Trentham Autocross with the Hutt Valley Motorsport Club

Mother’s day was the day to show your mum how much you appreciate her. What better way to show her that you love her by taking her to the Hutt Valley Motorsport Club (HVMC) Autocross day in Trentham, Upper Hutt? I can think of nothing sweeter.

Here’s some pics from the day.


Forgive me for not having any idea what this car is. It looks dangerous and sounds sweet – so it must be fun.

Nissan Skyline R32

It was so damn good to see Jimmy and his Skyline out from hibernation. Still rocking his old school Bwarp sticker on the rear window.

Getting ready

Lining up for a skid

EF Honda Civic on fire!

This little EF civic ended up with an engine bay fire which was promptly dealt to. A huge credit to the HVMC for having safety procedures so locked down. This issue was quickly resolved before it got really out of hand.

V6 Supercharged Toyota SW20 MR2

MR2’s car be a handful with the factory 2L 4pot sitting behind the drivers seat. This one must be extra violent with a supercharged V6 torque monster screaming away behind your head.

S14 Nissan Silvia

Rich Tucker raising the drift game in his wild S14

Mitsubishi mirage RS

More than your average Mitsi Mirage

DC2R Honda Integra Type R

TYPPUUUU ARRRRHUUUUUU. DC2R Honda Integra. Always a strong competitor in these sorts of events.

Subaru Legacy Station wagon

This Subaru Legacy wagon was out giving it a good stab.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

I think this Evo must have been developed heavily by NASA because it was an absolute ROCKET

Triumph TR7

My British car knowledge does not extend far but my feelers tell me this might be a Triumph TR7(??) Hopefully i’m not far off, and full credit to the owner for giving such a mint old car some stick!

Subaru Impreza WRX

I pine for Subaru WRX Coupes.

Toyota Trueno AE86

Toyota AE86 doing some sweet sweet dirfs

Ford EB Falcon

The Ford EB Falcon is not usually a car you see at autocross. this caged example looked like a shit load of fun though.

R32 Nissan Skyline

Nate brought [PHLEX] along and gave it a good kick! chur boi RB hard.

c33 nissan laurel with SR20DET and R33 GTR wheels

Love this car. SR20 Powered C33 Laurel. Awh jeah.

c33 nissan laurel and rps13 nissan 180sx

what a pretty sky

Nissan R32 Skyline

Jimmy’s skyline. Good from every angle.

Nissan 180sx rps13

red red red red red red red red

That’s all from me. Once again – awesome day put on by HVMC, particularly cool to see the drift cars turn up and go for a slide.



So we had another catch up meet on Friday 26 April 2013. It was meant to be a full moon, but there was varying amounts of clouds, and i think the moon itself was actually on the otherside of the world, because we couldnt see it anywhere…. derp. so we moved from our original moon viewing platform to somewhere with a bit of light so we could see the people we were bantering with. Anyway, whilst catching up i snapped a few pics of some of the stuff/people that turned up.

Julian’s Honda Beat.

GTF0 – Craig’s ST205 Celica GT-Four

Geoff’s Shuttle and My Roadster. Bit of a difference in size, and the Shuttle is by no means a big car.

BCHDAZ – Nathan’s VIP Toyota Aristo in the making.

Bwarp Roadster

Tom’s GROUSE RX7 Cabriolet. Currently for sale. Get in touch if you’re interested

Blake’s Hella stanced Suzuki Alto. Such a delightful wee car with buckets of character. Super jelly of this gem.

Eric’s sweet Soarer. He’s got some big kicks lined up for this car.

Pommy’s churbo Mitsi Wagon. Big Blue

Le Shuttle and Roadster again.

Simon’s 1JZ Altezza. The only Altezza worth owning.

Creep shot.

Moar creepin’

It seems the Bwarp Squad has a thing for tiny cars. Sean’s City is particularly tiny, with a peppy turbo heart.

Pie’s are good. and so are RX7’s.

Someone amongst our ranks (IAIN!!!) decided buying a Swedish war wagon was a good idea. I have to say, this Volvo is luuuussshhhhhh.

Blurry banter

Wee beat

Charlie’s CL1 poking it’s nose out

Jamie’s sweeeeete 4AGE powered sleeper Corolla beast. Jamie’s still learning to drive so was bunny hopping everywhere. if you see him out, have some patience as he’s still learning.

Dieter’s perfect EK9. Swear this thing is on a different set of wheels everytime i see it. So deeeeluxxxeee

anyway – if you recognise someone who was there, get them to invite you to the next one, and come hang with us. always keen for new folks to join in!

More pics from Bob Marley Birthday Cruise 06/02/2013


Here’s some more pics from our little cruise around town for Bob Marley’s birthday.

Here is Craigs sisters Toyota Starlet ‘carat’ sporting Advan SA3R’s and 3 blokes in the back to try and slam it out for a photo.

No, Craig isn’t pointing and laughing. There’s not much to point and laugh about with this car. It’s pretty serious business.

Iain’s classic EG Civic was out as usual. Iain is an integral member of the Bwarp crew, and a meet wouldn’t be the same without the white slut EG in attendance. Sadly the little Civic ran into some mechanical troubles part way round the bays, so we left it there….

A front on shot of the Carat. interesting combination of vehicle + wheels. It’s certainly not huge in the performance stakes, but with a bit of a drop, it could be a nice wee summer cruiser for a female and her friends. (Sorry Craig, you are far better suited to the GT-Four)

Sean’s Honda City Turbo is looking tidy as ever. Especially sitting next to a seriously untidy Roadster.

Charlie’s CL1 Accord Euro R. Always immaculately kept as i’ve spouted on about many times in this blog. Bwarp meets are going crazy with tri-spokes these days. what’s with that?

Another shot of Tom’s FC RX7 Cabriolet…. i just couldn’t help myself.

 Bit of a shot as the sun went down. I don’t usually do landscape…. it’s hard.

After a hearty feed of the Colonels finest fried chicken, we had some more banter and then drove into the night. Here’s Tom’s RX7 sitting at Mobil Kilbirnie after he’s just hemorrhaged money into the Mobil coffers to fill up the drop-top demon.

Happy Birthday Bob Marley.

One Love.