Roadster Spam

Feel bad for spamming more pics of my silly hairdressers car, but i was stoked with how these turned out.

Taken on a 35mm film fish eye camera. Film just has so much more character than digital does. what a hoot


thanks for looking. 🙂

BwarpSquad Street Meet 16 March 2013

Had a last minute casual meet up for a couple of peeps last night on Oriental Bay.

Took a couple of pics – here they are.

Here’s the filthy BWARP Roadster sitting chilling out. I really should clean that brake dust.

This Toyota Aristo belong to the lastest Bwarp Squad member, Nathan. Super super clean, he’s got plans to further the VIP stz on this lush machine.

Here are some random (and rather intoxicated) Swedish tourists that took an interest in what we were doing. Enjoy New Zealand!

Here’s Craig’s delish GT4 looking clean as usual

a rear shot of Nathan’s BCHDAZ Aristo

Parting group shot.

Excellent night of banter as usual.

We’re all about it, bout it.

Visual Update

Here’s some recentish pics.

Here’s my girlfriends car, sitting under a street light after eating some fish n chips on the beach.

Here is Tom’s RX7 Cabriolet cruising along the motorway, as shot by Josh Driscoll

Here’s Sunny’s MR2 from dyno day earlier this year.


The end. YAY