C’s Garage Love

On Saturday Luke and I rolled to Hampton Downs for the Solid Slide Sessions Super Drift on Saturday.

Turns out the C’s Garage boys were there in their Silvias. These cars are some of, if not, the best looking cars in the NZ drifting game at the moment. The cars looked immaculate the whole day, no haggard bumper-less cars here.

C's Garage

But it wasn’t even the appearance of the cars. The way drifting is these days (I think so anyway) is so mechanical and robotic, that any old driver could be in the car and I wouldn’t know the difference.

C's Garage S14

These boys though, drove the cars with a personality and style that I hadn’t see in NZ before.

C's Garage

It was like I was at Bihoku or Ebisu watching the Jap guys drift who I have only seen on youtube.

C's S15

Pity I couldn’t really photograph the sparkle in the paint.

C's Garage

Genuine wheels are a rare sight on drift cars these days.The graphics are fantastic.


They made good noises too.

C's Garage

Keep an eye on the blog and facebook page  for more pics and videos from SSS Super Drift.