Datsun 1200 Ute @ meet 17 October 2013

Went out to the meet on Thursday night out Eastbourne. I arrived a bit late and it got dark before i could rattle off heaps of shots, but these are the best two of the night that i had to put up. This ute is next level. SR20 powered. cool old jap wheels and SOOOOOOOOO LOWWWWWWWWWW.

Pictures speak far better words than i do though.

For your friday night enjoyment:





So we had another catch up meet on Friday 26 April 2013. It was meant to be a full moon, but there was varying amounts of clouds, and i think the moon itself was actually on the otherside of the world, because we couldnt see it anywhere…. derp. so we moved from our original moon viewing platform to somewhere with a bit of light so we could see the people we were bantering with. Anyway, whilst catching up i snapped a few pics of some of the stuff/people that turned up.

Julian’s Honda Beat.

GTF0 – Craig’s ST205 Celica GT-Four

Geoff’s Shuttle and My Roadster. Bit of a difference in size, and the Shuttle is by no means a big car.

BCHDAZ – Nathan’s VIP Toyota Aristo in the making.

Bwarp Roadster

Tom’s GROUSE RX7 Cabriolet. Currently for sale. Get in touch if you’re interested

Blake’s Hella stanced Suzuki Alto. Such a delightful wee car with buckets of character. Super jelly of this gem.

Eric’s sweet Soarer. He’s got some big kicks lined up for this car.

Pommy’s churbo Mitsi Wagon. Big Blue

Le Shuttle and Roadster again.

Simon’s 1JZ Altezza. The only Altezza worth owning.

Creep shot.

Moar creepin’

It seems the Bwarp Squad has a thing for tiny cars. Sean’s City is particularly tiny, with a peppy turbo heart.

Pie’s are good. and so are RX7’s.

Someone amongst our ranks (IAIN!!!) decided buying a Swedish war wagon was a good idea. I have to say, this Volvo is luuuussshhhhhh.

Blurry banter

Wee beat

Charlie’s CL1 poking it’s nose out

Jamie’s sweeeeete 4AGE powered sleeper Corolla beast. Jamie’s still learning to drive so was bunny hopping everywhere. if you see him out, have some patience as he’s still learning.

Dieter’s perfect EK9. Swear this thing is on a different set of wheels everytime i see it. So deeeeluxxxeee

anyway – if you recognise someone who was there, get them to invite you to the next one, and come hang with us. always keen for new folks to join in!

Roadster Spam

Feel bad for spamming more pics of my silly hairdressers car, but i was stoked with how these turned out.

Taken on a 35mm film fish eye camera. Film just has so much more character than digital does. what a hoot


thanks for looking. 🙂