Dan’s Ford EL Falcon

A few weekends back, I caught up with an old mate to talk some shit on a beautiful sunday morning.

Obviously I took a camera along.

Now my mate Dan has been through a couple of cars since I’ve met him. Most of the time I’ve known him he’s been all about the Honda’s – and for good reason, they’re easy/cheap to fix, common as so there’s 8393849033939 parts around for them (apart from that AK shuttle….) and they’re fairly frugal on gas (as long as you don’t keep your foot up them all day everyday).  Now he’s gone “back to [his] bogan roots” as he puts it – and has bought a Ford Falcon.

Dan's Ford EL Falcon

Starting out as a well kept single owner NZ new vehicle it was pretty grandpa spec. But Dan has put his own spin on it with a few of the usual key ingredients.

Dan's Ford EL Falcon

Dan got the Falcon a bit closer to the black top with some suspension from another model Falcon (love that Lego car stz), and filled the guards with a set of Cragars and fat rubber that he picked up on tardme.

Dan's Ford EL Falcon
A mooneyes sticker was used to cover the fact that is car is the ‘All Blacks Edition’ Falcon. Dan isn’t really a fan of rugby obviously… hah!

Dan's Ford EL Falcon

Sitting in the back window is a genuine (yes, genuine) prop skull that was used on the set of Lord of the Rings film production. This piece is so very very ‘Dan’ – if you know him personally, you’ll understand.

Dan's Ford EL Falcon

The mighty sound of bogan is released by an exhaust system that has been freed up of a few mufflers. It also has a set of custom extractors up front. An adequately throaty noise is now emitted from the rear end when you plant it.

For now it sounds as though Dan is enjoying the Falcon for what it is, using it for trips to the beach with his family, and general cruising with the windows down and Kid Rock on the stereo.

Love this shiet. People enjoying their cars for what they are. #maximumfeels

Good times Dan, cheers for the banter.