Spotted: JZA80 Toyota Supra

Well, what a quiet winter we have had. Other than a few quiet pub get togethers, there hasn’t been a lot of auto events we’ve attended.

As a final day of winter type deal we went for a drive up the line. What a magnificent day it was.

Before i put the other photos up – here’s one of a Supra we spotted on the motorway on the way up. absolute road warrior.

Toyota JZA80 Supra

Toyota JZA80 Supra


Superlap Supra

While I was at the Taupo track today watching Superlap, Hondacup and various other motorsport series, I spotted this Supra and had to get a closer look take some pics.


The owner was a GC and super friendly and was even a BWARP follower!


The car was seriously track orientated, but still was road registered and warrantable.


Love the aero, especially considering it is still road legal. Big wing, rear diffuser, vented bonnet, big skirts and aftermarket bumper.


The car sounded amazing and it was seriously quick on the track.


Looking fantastic on RPF1’s with full slicks.



Cheers to the owner (sorry i didn’t catch your name) for the chat and letting me grab some snaps.