SuperDrift: Carl Thompsons 1000hp 4-Rotor Lexus GS300

Just got back from being in Auckland over the weekend at the SuperDrift event run by Solid Slide Sessions.

Absolutely crazy weekend with heaps of video and pictures still to come from Sean and I. I just had to upload this quick clip of Carl Thompson’s 4-Rotor powered Lexus.

1000hp Quad Rotor Lexus GS300 from Bwarp Blog on Vimeo.

Watch this space for more sweet clips and pics to come. churrrrr

Nathan’s Toyota Aristo [BCHDAZ]

Nathan and I booked a cute date last Thursday to take some photos of his sweet ride and get a delicious dinner feast from R&S Satay Noodle House. These guys do some kick ass chicken wings, and the Satay Noodle soup also comes highly recommended. Looks like we’re having a meet there at some point, lads!

Anyway, after our super cute dinner, we rolled round to Oriental Bay to take some photos as the sun set.

Here’s the ones i was happy with.